Saturday, June 25, 2011

30 juni A'dam: Climate Justice Action Benefiet

Thursday June 30, 2011

Climate Justice Action Benefit Night

Solidarity with the convicted CJA spokespersons Tannie and Stine - fundraiser to contribute to 30.000 euros! court costs

Food / Folk band Monty Pagan / COP 15 Copenhagen Climate summit protest videos

Doors open / food ready at 19:00
Band at 21:00

Dokhuis Galerie
Plantage Doklaan 8

Tannie and Stine convicted for what?
On the 1st of June 2011 the High Court of Denmark sentenced Tannie Nyboe and Stine Gry Jonassen two months of prison and two months of suspended prison (one year of probation) for their involvement in the non-violent civil disobedient mass action Reclaim Power – Pushing for Climate Justice that took place on the 16th of December 2009 during the COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen. The purpose of the action, which was mobilised by the global network Climate Justice Action (CJA), was to hold a popular assembly which challenged the legitimacy of the official COP negotiations. Acting as Danish spokesperson for the CJA in the period leading up to the COP15, speaking with Danish media and the police about the purpose of the action and its non-violent action codex, Tannie and Stine Gry were asked to facilitate communication on the sound truck during the Reclaim Power action. This led to them being arrested and held personally responsible for the action. The main evidence used against them was that they allegedly shouted "push" from the sound truck during the demonstration, along with thousands of other protesters. They were convicted for a.o. insighting violence and vandalism.

But WE ALL SHOUTED PUSH and we all pushed together for climate justice the 16th of December 2009! In holding two individuals responsible for a whole movement's collective decision-making and collective protests, Tannie and Stine Gry's verdict violates and undermines fundamental principles of social movement politics. The case clearly demonstrates how societal structures in "democratic countries" like Denmark scare people from protesting and organizing politically, killing off critical voices that dare to stand forward in the media.(read more:

If you can't make it but yo wanna support this cause, organise your own fundraiser, or donate to bank account 609060 of Stichting XminY - Amsterdam with the description "for tannie&stine"

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