Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[am*dam] J8-9: SQeK in Joes Garage

In the last years a lot of social scientists have done research about squatters and the squatters movement in Europe. Some of them have coordinated their efforts and formed 'SQeK' (squatters europe kollektive), which meets on irregular base in the cities where squatting is in movement. They will share their findings and discuss them amongst eachother and of course with the movement at large. Wednesday 8th of june and thurday 9th of june 2011, Joes Garage will be the stage to such an event.

The SQeK has themed their conference this time as follows: 'It seems that squatting has a dual face. One face is that it represents things that many people left and right find valuable. These are mainstream goals such as self-help, participation, creativity, support for vulnerable people, conservation of neighborhoods, preservation of social housing. The second face is that of an oppositional movement. The dual face leads to tensions and confusion. The debate will be started off by short presentations by researchers/activists from the SQuatting Europe Kollective (SQEK). One presentation will cover the tensions and opportunities present in the Spanish crisis and movement scene, one will be a critique on the idea that squatting was a precursor of neo-liberalism and one presentation will take us into re-generations/ regeneration of self. Also the link between art(ists) and squatting will be discussed and the continuities between the sixties/seventies and now.'

The conference itself will spawn 1,5 days:

Wednesday 8

11.00 Introduction and presentations
13.30 A small neighbourhood tour on real and unreal estate
15.00 more presentations

20.00 Public Meeting ' Squatting, part of the social capital that everyone agrees that is needed in society or oppositional movement? A debate'
followed by drink and schmooze

Thursday 9

11.00 Presentations
13.30 A Bicycle tour of squats and social centers in Amsterdam

For inquiries please mail frida[at]scii.nl

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