Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awakening 7 Agenda,"Spanish/Dutch/World Wide" Revolution, Anarchist Manifesto, Respect Voor Dieren against KLM and DIY communal garden.Ready to listen,download or embed

Here You can download or embed the show:

-The priorities of all developed societies should be equality, progress, solidarity, free access to culture, environmental sustainability, development, well-being and happiness of the people
-There are basic rights that should be assured in all societies, such as right to a house, a job, culture, health care, education, political participation and freeom of speech, free personal development, and right to be provided with the basic products for a healthy and happy life.
-Our current economical and governmental systems do not fulfil this priorities, and that is an obstacle for the progress of humanity.
-The accumulation of power in the hands of a few generates inequality, anger, and unfairness, which leads to violence.
-The current economic system is a handicap for the proper functioning of society, and it consumes itself, making a few live with all the wealth, and others in poor and scarcity conditions, until the collapse.
-The will of the rulers of this system is the accumulation of money, putting it over the effectiveness and welfare of society, wasting resources, destroying the planet, creating unemployment and unhappy people.

radio awakening every tue from 16.00~19.30 in radio patapoe 88.3 fm (links below)
Awakening i  Polonia   Aktywna

Awakening it's a program on radio patapoe.It's talkactive. It means we talk for more than three hours, mainly about politics,squatting,activism,
ecology,tolerance,human and animal rights,punk,spirituality,freedom,love,cultural life in Amsterdam.First we start with the agenda for the squatting scene in Amsterdam( not only),then we have some main subject,sometimes guests.The last ha we do as polish part in this language.The music what we are playing that mainly punk,but this is just as background(package) and in the breaks when we are preparing our self,equipment,material,etc.Patapoe is a pirate, underground,squatters radio. We are playing our program every Tuesday from 4pm till ~ 7.30pm. In Amsterdam You can listen us in the ether 88.3 FM and everywhere else on
If You would like to listen some from our old programs and read description for them go to:
if You would like listen,download or embed some of our old issues go to:
to download the last show mainly about ecology and solutions for climate change You can go
Invitation to our program Awakening in radio patapoe 88.3fm
To all positive organizations &
To whom it may concern,
If you would like to come to on our show called awakening to talk about, ecology, squatting, local politics, food, animal rights you are more than welcome.
Ps: There are also possibilities to make interviews through phone or skype
Pass this information further. Let the media to be free.

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