Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wowww! They even sell golden shit at the Millionaire Fair! the video would come soon

Thursday night, Dec. 9th. For sure it was a very special night. Brooke Shields was in Amsterdam to open the annual Millionaire Fair at the RAI exhibition centre. The opening night was very exclusive: invitees only! The place to be for the rich and wealthy. The market where you could buy anything you absolutely don't need. This year a new product was launched: a product which every millionaire should buy immediately: Golden Shit!

Nederlandse vertaling volgt / Dutch translation will follow

If you've everything in life: there's just one thing you'll miss. A beautiful piece of Golden Shit!
The Piggy Millionaires went to the fair to trade with the ones who could afford Golden Shit. At the opening night hundreds of millionairs passed the red carpet and many of them showed interest in this wonderful new product.

The Golden Shit in several sizes was presented on beautiful exclusive silver trays. Some of the shit was originally from celebrities. Of course we had a big one from Brooke Shields, but there was also a small royal one. Top quality solid Golden Shit!
Prices starting at 500.000 Euro going up to more than 2 million... but then you'll have something very special! Also a great Christmas gift for your second or third wife!

The Piggy Millionaires gave enthusiastic statements about this absolutely great product. Sometimes they even shouted: "Show me you're a millionaire! Forget the rest of the shit of this fair! Go for the real stuff: buy Golden Shit!"

Anyway: Golden Shit is the investment we now need in these chaotic times of permanent economic crisis. Most of the millionaires did understand the great opportunities of Golden Shit. Next to it they were especially interested in the 10% discount - only at the opening night! For example: a special offer - not 1.000.000, but only 900.000 for one of the best pieces of Golden Shit.

There was only 1 millionaire (or was it someone from the organisation of the fair?) who was a bit jealous and kicked one of the trays as hard he could with his right feet. He was clearly angry. The shit flied all over the place. Luckily the strong Golden Shit survived and the Piggy Millionaires could go on with asking attention for the ultimate gadget.

Also the security was in doubt: what to do with so much attention from millionaires for the new product at the red carpet? They decided to don't do anything at all. Which was a good decision. Otherwise the Piggy Millionaires should even have got more media attention.

The succesful launch of the great wannahave took more than 45 minutes. Around 21.15 almost all millionaires had entered the fair and it was about time to go home and have a drink to celebrate the fantastic introduction of that beautiful product Golden Shit.

The Piggy Millionaires left the area. A few minutes later they got a special salute from a police car with beacon flashing. Although they tried to follow them they were not able to get close c(l)o(w)ntact with the Piggy Millionaires. Why? All of a sudden the Piggy Millionaires were gone... but for sure more Golden Shit will stay and find its way on the Millionaire Fair!

Pictures and film will follow

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