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Like every year also this one black saint against racism its doing his educational action. Here it's the movie

And here the speech for kids from last year:


When a child of five years says to his

school teacher :

"He can't be Saint Nicholas"

And the school teacher asks:

"Why not"

To which the five year old boy replies:

" Because his skin is black"

You may wonder why I am dressed as

Saint Nicholas with a black face.

To which I will reply:


This question was asked recently by a five year old boy in a Dutch school.


Some believe that the Caucasian race is by far superior to all other races. This is racism, it is called White Supremacism. Racism can be expressed subtly, this being much harder to identify. White Supremacism can be expressed overtly and accepted by mainstream in a blink of an eye, without questioning such overt antics. Picture this, a white bearded figure named Saint Nicholas sitting on a white horse, and wearing religious red bishop robes. Let's not forget Christians associated the colour black with evil and degradation. His submissive slave/servant named Zwarte Piete, who has supposedly evolved from a devil and was miraculously tamed by that wonderful white supremacist Saint Nicholas. Others say that Pete is an Ethiopian slave freed by that pure and very white Saint.So as it goes Zwarte Piete symbolized the devil, a joker who was submissive, frightening and disobedient. Anyone who shouts 'It's Dutch Tradition' is using this to block intelligent analysis and maintain the status quo of negative stereotyping. Get educated and read about the Dutch History of Colonialism and Slavery and stuff Tradition where the 'Sun Doesn't Shine'


Filmpje tegen racistische traditie van Zwarte Piet

Zwarte Piet staat in een lange traditie van Europees racisme versus Afrikanen

De VARA heeft een spraakmakend filmpje gemaakt over het racistische fenomeen Zwarte Piet. Daarin komt Avelino aan het woord, die vindt dat Zwarte Piet een karikatuur van zwarte mensen is en daarom moet verdwijnen. "Sinterklaas en zijn Zwarte Pieten zorgen voor een verkeerde beeldvorming onder kinderen en herinneren ons op een verkeerde manier aan de slavernij", stelt hij. Samen met de kunstenaars Annette Krauss en Petra Bauer heeft Doorbraak eerder al kritiek geleverd op de koloniale cultuur van de oude wijze baas Sinterklaas en zijn dommige dansende knecht Zwarte Piet. In andere landen wordt her en der wel stevig kritiek geleverd op Zwarte Piet en op bijvoorbeeld de Zwarte Piet-achtige Golliwog-pop. Maar in Nederland blijkt actie tegen de black face-traditie van Zwarte Piet helaas te kunnen rekenen op massaal rechts-populistisch gescheld en getier.

Harry Westerink

And some history:
The first voices that protested against Black Peter came from the former Dutch colony Surinam where the holiday was also a national celebration. When Surinam received its status of independence in 1975, the black slave was abolished. A new movement came into existence that searched for new positive images of black people. Representations of blacks as docile and submissive were no longer accepted. "Saint Nicholas" was changed into a black figure called "Good Father" and accompanied by black "employees". This change may seem minor but also in Surinam the myth of the white saint and his black slave was difficult to contest or criticise. For example, in 1970 writer Astrid Roemer was a High School teacher who refused to celebrate the holiday at school. She talked to her colleques and the principle of the school, but they refused to listen to her arguments. The day of the celebration she did not appear at the school. She was fired the next day.

In the seventies a lot of Surinamese people migrated to the Netherlands due to the political circumstances in their home country. Their presence led to a re-evaluation of the ways the Dutch dealt with their colonial history and their images of black people. Again Black Peter was scrutinised, only this time in a context where the majority of society was white. Blacks had already experienced the insult of hearing "Black Peter!" shouted at them on the streets in Paramaribo (as they were associated with the figure), but the person shouting was often black himself. In the Netherlands they entered a society that hardly knew anything about them; the only images white people were familiar with were stereotypes like 'Black Peter'. In response to the insult of the stereotype some Surinamese people refused to send their children to school when "Saint Nicholas" was celebrated, others urged for alternatives like a red or blue "Peter" in stead of a black one. For a while the yellow, blue, red painted versions of "Black Peter" were successful but as the protest-voices declined the Black version of Peter dominated the eighties.
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