Monday, December 13, 2010

Studentenprotest today in Awakening+5videos+info

Today in Awakening radio show we will play the speeches and interviews from studentenprotesten. This last friday but also from the "Vrijplaatsen wanted". Also as main subject we will read from the book "Do it Yourself. Handbook for changing our world" the chapter "How to prank, play and subvert the system". So we will also read about last action of Rebeclowns by the Milionaire Fair.

Here are the movies

Comité SOS.5000 Studentenprotest.Video 3de deel

5000 Studenten Protestieren in Amsterdam - video. deel 1 
Video jij kann hier zien: 

Docenten Voor 2de deel 
Hier Jij kan zien tweede deel video van de studenten protest. Verspreid AUB! 
...more parts would follow. 
Milionair Fair.Golden Shit Special Offer.Video.World premiere for the business day 
link to video. More info would follow
here You can see this funny movie:
Milionair Fair.Gouden shit.Speciale Aanbieding.Andere video nu in Nederlands 
Hier jij kan zien:

Radio Awakening every tue from 16.00~19.30 in radio patapoe 88.3 fm (links below)

Awakening i  Polonia   Aktywna
Awakening and Polonia Aktywna
Awakening it's a program on radio patapoe.It's talkactive. It means we talk for more than three hours, mainly about politics,squatting,activism,ecology,tolerance,human and animal rights,punk,spirituality,freedom,love,cultural life in Amsterdam.First we start with the agenda for the squatting scene in Amsterdam( not only),then we have some main subject,sometimes guests.The last ha we do as polish part in this language.The music what we are playing that mainly punk,but this is just as background(package) and in the breaks when we are preparing our self,equipment,material,etc.Patapoe is a pirate, underground,squatters radio. We are playing our program every Tuesday from 4pm till ~ 7.30pm. In Amsterdam You can listen us in the ether 88.3 FM and everywhere else on 
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Invitation to our program Awakening in radio patapoe 88.3fm 
To all positive organizations & 
To whom it may concern, 
If you would like to come to on our show called awakening to talk about, ecology, squatting, local politics, food, animal rights you are more than welcome. 
Ps: There are also possibilities to make interviews through phone or skype 
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Spirit Of Squatters Collective : This is solidarity action (like most of our videos). The solidarity is stronger when it is seen by as many people as possible.So...Please use it ! Pass this info to everybody who could be interested !!! 
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