Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting involved with the battle for internet freedom

The cyber battle for freedom and against internet censorship has recently intensified.

The cyber battle for freedom and against internet censorship has recently intensified. Virtually all countries have severely restricted internet use over the last decades. In just the last couple of weeks, Venezuela, Spain, Thailand and Tunesia have pushed for more intense control over the internet in an attempt to silence opposition or prevent information sharing. High tech companies have willingly supported regimes in these efforts, while financial institutions once more showed where they loyalties lie by cutting off Wikileaks' funding.

Several organizations have acted against these government and corporate attempts to monopolize and commodify digital information.

Wikileaks has hit the news with their revelations on government misconduct throughout the world. Different forums have been created for translating and reporting on the cables and other material that Wikileaks released. If you want to see or create results, look at the websites mentioned below.

Different groups operating under the label of Anonymous have organized a variety of actions. The most publicized have been the ddos attacks against Pay Pal, Mastercard and Visa. Recent days have seen so-called DDoS attacks against the Mugabe regime (for oppressing Zimbabwe and for threatening to sue Wikileaks if it would expose information on the obnoxious enrichment of Mugabe's wife) and Bank of America (for cutting off Wikileaks).

Apart from these direct digital actions, people operating under the Anonymous label have organized protests and campaigns against governments and corporations intending to suppress mutual aid, subversion and anarchy on the internet.

Wikileaks, Anonymous and the internet will be what we make of it. Get involved.


For information and donation, see:

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Twitter: Anonymous @spiralis1337, Anonymous Operations @Anony_Ops

Join IRC to learn about DDoS and other forms of cyber activism on the Anonymous servers: or

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