Monday, March 26, 2012

Powned Tactic Exposed

Powned, the media who are claiming that they are not right or left. They trying to ridicule either squatters,Occupy movement either extremist wilders from party PVV (for freedom ;) But they very rarely ridicule the VVD another right wing capitalistic party which is far more dangerous because they are more business wise, and less radical than PVV. VVD its the house speculators party, so nothing strange that they are against squatters. They rule not for the people but for their own interests. We suspect such a media like powned and geen stijl very connected if not sponsored by those neo liberal ruthless party VVD.   Usually what they do they pick up from interviews parts and are editing them in that way that they afterwards look as much as possible as a stupid answers or something conforming their point of view.
Here Some more videos with Pow Stijl Geen Nieuws

According to some of my friends on the video above there is some racist coment towards Danny pownews. However iritant idiot he is we would not tolerate racism in our movements. That's why i ask everyone to make coments under this video here or contact their makers in other why and take the stand against racism, There is no place for racist discrimination in Occupy Movement, no either on our streets !

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