Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mic Check! Occupy Dam Square

Mic Check! Occupy Dam Square

Despite the departure of the Beursplein we will occupy the spring and celebrate! The spring tickles and we celebrate this with a LentedemonstraatZIe and the SundayIdea on the Dam in Amsterdam.

All artists, permaculture people, writers, performers, dancers, circus-goers, hoopers, ecobabes, singers, artists, yogis and yoginis, musicians, DJs, VJs, and bees … four along the spring and demonstrate your passion quality, cultivated new interests & challenges.

We have a self-made permaculture tower & fountain, opening ritual mantras and singing bowls, acro yoga performance, a ecohottub, water bar, dance performance 'connection', recycling art workshops, circus & hope acts, a Cosey chill angle to skip food & drinks, live street acts like Art is what street is worth it to you, artyteaperformance, waders with edible costumes, collaborate on installations and artworks, masks workshop ALSO Kids Corner with many games, dance, music, speakers, workshops, speakers etc.

Every Sunday in spring of Occupy Amsterdam let hear themselves. Several speakers will share their vision about occupy, there will be music, poets, and so on.

Carry out what your heart gives in!
Celebrate Spring, Celebrate Life!

Come Sunday, March 25 to the Dam!

* Please note bring recyclable materials such as boxes, milk cartons, plastic containers, old toys, clothes, kitchenware anything you no longer need … We make art with recycled stuff that day.

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