Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A*dam: Demo of solidarity with 300 hunger strikers

We are calling everybody to join the demonstration of solidarity with the 300 immigrant workers on hunger strike in Greece. We think is very important to express solidarity with these courageous people, their health condition is critical to the point that there might be casualties at any moment. 
It is also necessary to inform the European public about the situation, as up to this point, it has either been downplayed or completely ignored by the mainstream media. 

╬čn January 25, 300 immigrants in Greece started the largest hunger strike Europe has ever seen, demanding something as simple as the recognition of their own existence. The hunger strikers are struggling for legalization and the consolidation of equal rights for immigrants. In this struggle, they risk the only thing they own, namely, their lives. Their health is in critical condition, while many of them have already been hospitalised.

On Thursday, March 10th people from all over the world will be expressing their support by participating to actions of solidarity that target the offices of the Greek Tourist Organisation.

We are calling everybody to join the demonstration on Thursday (10.03.) at 17:00!

Jonas Daniel Meijerplein ( De Dokwerker)

For a life of dignity, without fear and exploitation - Especially for the ones who are the most vulnerable to them!
No human being is illegal! - Solidarity is our weapon!
For any questions, you can contact with us at  griekenlandisoveral@live.nl

'For your family, the moment you leave home to immigrate, you are already dead. They set the table every night and you are not there. I told them to morn me for 40 days and that's it. And if we are going to die, we will sleep for ever in peace. But they, that refuse to give us a stamp, will never again sleep in peace'.
                                                  Immigrant hunger striker  

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