Sunday, March 6, 2011

10 of March - worldwide solidarity day with 300 immigrants

Worldwide SOLIDARITY action day
with the 300 immigrants-workers hunger strikers
Thursday, March 10th

10th of March: Worldwide solidarity action day with the 300 hunger strikers immigrants-workers in Greece by 'All Immigrants of the World'

We call people in Greece and throughout the world to carry out civil disobedience actions on the 10th of March in solidarity with the 300 hunger strikers. We ask everyone to target their actions against Greek soft spot-tourism: 15% of the nation's Gross Domestic Product is coming from tourism. In fact, tourism and migration are two sides of the legal right of freedom of movement.

We suggest an easily attainable target that people can find almost in every country: Greek National Tourism Organization. You can e.g. demonstrate, blockade, squat, spread leaflets or carry out other creative actions in front, inside or around GNTO offices.

The addresses of the GNTO offices abroad are here:

If you don't have a GNTO office at your city, you can target your actions against the Greek embassies or enterprises, or simply demonstrate in crowded public places or on media.

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