Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blocking of fascist march in Warsaw 11 November 2010

Dear friends,
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For more information please refer to redakcja@nigdywiecej.org marszalek@go2.pl

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear friends,

On behalf of 'Nigdy Wiecej' (the 'Never Again' Organisation) and other participants of Porozumienie 11 Listopada I would like to ask you to support this action.

As every year on November 11, nationalists and neo-fascists from various organizations are planning a march through the streets of Warsaw. We do not want the supporters of xenophobic and racist ideology, who proudly refer to the pre-war organizations of openly fascist sympathies, to again pass through the capital. Remembering the past, we believe that the growing national movement must be opposed. For two years now, we have been trying to block this march.
We will stop it only if there will be many of us.
We are a group of different people and organizations. We share an idea of resistance against fascism. We are planning a demonstration on the route of the fascist march. We want to physically block it.
We will use our civil rights. We invite all residents of Warsaw and all who want to come to Warsaw, to take part in active opposition to the fascists. We look forward to your participation in the preparations, to your arrival to Warsaw on time and at the place proposed by us. We hope you to prepare banners and inform friends about our activities. We count on your presence.


Further information is available on:


Kind regards
Wiktor Marszalek

Nigdy Wiecej Association
P.O. Box 6
03-700 Warszawa 4
tel.: +48 601 36 08 35

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