Monday, October 17, 2011

Brotherhood of the Eurocalypse + Legal victory rebel clowns

Saturday, Oct. 15th people from all over the world were protesting - but in Amsterdam there was a small group 'defendending' the bankers, speculators and politicians: the Brotherhood of the Eurocalypse.
You could call them a 'sect', but they walked determinedly and prayed: "Save the Bankers! Save the Speculators! Save the politicians!".

The monks arrived around 12.30 at the square near the stock exchange, made some rounds at the Damrak, Warmoesstraat, Dam square and Beursplein and did where monks are good in: praying and singing in a spiritual way.

For example the holy song about 'Profit':

"Oh, You Profit
You that seperate us,
You who make fun of our lives and our aspirations,
You who understand that the money is most important,
Glory to you!

Thanks to you, we understand that humanity is sinful,
That humans are objects,
That the oldest are to be left,
That patients have an unbearable cost

To economic growth!
Glory to you
Oh Profit your light we have enlightened!
Glory to the infinite search for money!


There were many more prayers and Euroligious songs. The Brotherhood prayed at the doors of the stock exchange (which is of course the Cathedral of Eternal Capitalism) and many other spots near the square. The monks even prayed on their knees in front of the police. Everyone appreciated the holy work, except during a short moment at the Damrak when the monks prayed near a photo stand for tourists. The business guy pushed the Brotherhood of the Eurocalypse roughly away - he misunderstood the monks should be protesting...

The monks returned to the Beursplein continueing to sing and pray: "Stop Health care!, Stop Education!, Stop Culture! - but Save the Bankers!, Save the Speculators! and Save the Politicians!"


Amsterdam rebel clowns won already several court cases connected with what they did as 'National Duckies Front' on May 23rd 2009 in Den Bosch

But still there were some rebel clowns waiting for what should happen because of the 'National White Bride Front' on Sept. 26th 2009 in Venlo

Thursday, September 15th the brides got attention from the judge in Venlo. He completely agreed what with has been said before by the Collegial Court in Den Bosch. Last week the lawyer of the rebel clowns confirmed the prosecutor didn't sign up for another round. The legal victory is definitive!

What does it mean? It's a beautiful beginning of clear jurisprudence: when initiatives like the 'National Duckies Front' and 'National White Bride Front' pop up in a city with an emergency regulation ('noodbevel') during a day with a neonazi demonstration - arresting them for 'not being recognizable' doesn't make sense. On the contrary: rebel clowns are always clearly recognizable!

The total amount of earlier proposed fines for the 'National White Bride Front' was 900 Euro... Thanks Clown God we won - we should need help from a sect like the 'Brotherhood of Eurocalypse' to collect so much money!


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