Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bike March from Amsterdam to Brussels, 11 – 15 October 2011

Why we go to Brussels?
The 15th of October is supposed to be a day of worldwide protest. From several European countries people are marching towards Brussels to express their anger that day and to start organizing themselves already in the days before the demonstration. More information about 15O you find here:
We consider that the actual situation cannot be understood in a national framework. The logics and the working mechanisms behind them are global, so the mobilization efforts also should be.  Therefore we focus on networking on a transnational level, considering other people and other nation specific concerns. In the European context our focus is the center of political decision making which is Brussels.

Why by bike?
We are willing to make a symbolic effort for the change we are working for. After a period of assemblies and political discussion it´s time to get more dynamic and sweat it out.
Through the stops in several cities on the way we want to involve civil society and create a bigger awareness about the need of a more inclusive and participative democracy. We won´t use any political symbols.
We want to be as autonomous as possible. So the only things we will need are a bike, a sleeping bag and the solidarity of other human beings.
We also see a greater need for exactly these human relationships. If we get too much used to virtual social networks and virtual mobilizations change also will remain virtual. We have to reinforce human contact and construct the solidarity we need in real life.
We will go slowly because we want to get far.  

Actions planned:
We will stop in several cities, camp there in a public space and spread our messages.
We will carry with us the political promises made at the beginning of the financial crisis regarding the regulation of the financial market, remember them to the people we meet and demand their fulfillment.
We will create awareness of the influence of the world´s biggest financial lobby group IIF (Institute of International Finance) on European legislation. Therefore we denounce concrete Members of the European Parliament who have fallen under the influence of this lobby group. As a symbolic gesture we will load the weight of their political decisions on our back.
To exercise real democracy we will record visually the demands of the people we meet on our way and present them in Brussels.
We want to highlight the human dependence on a system that isn't linked anymore to life itself. We have to show the contradiction between abstract elements like the fictitious amounts of money or debts and real human needs, which are ground and water. We join the appeals for thinking of alternatives which enable us to live in harmony with our environment. Therefore we collect earth and water in the different places we stop and bring them also to Brussels. Earth and water will be our manifest.

The route:
Departure: 11.10.; 10:00
Amsterdam-The Hague60 km, 4 hours
12.10. The Hague-Breda, 75 km, 6h
13.10. Breda-Antwerp, 50 km, 4h
14.10. Antwerp-Brussels, 45 km, 4h
15.10. Demonstration

Facebook: ORGA TEAM – Mars Nederland-Brussel

Bus Contact; 14 – 16 October: bustobrusselsnl@hotmail.com

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