Sunday, June 20, 2010

Varkens In Nood. Video Interview at Amsterdam Roots Festival

Amsterdam Roots Reggae that's one of the best, positive manifestation for tolerance and against racism. Beside of the music from all around the world there is also market with all kind off things mainly from Africa. We found also few organisations for social change and human and animal rights, so we interviewed them and one by one we will present their message at Spirit Of Squatters Collective channel. Together we are stronger so support them by spreading this info and video !
Here is the plan of the Following movies:
1. Varkens In Nood - animal rights organisation
2. One Men (can make a difference) - human rights supporters
3. Jongeren Milieu Actief - young part of dutch equivalent of ecologic organization Friends Of the Earth.
4. Vrijwillige Internationale Aktie - volunteering organisations coordinating short and long term volunteering projects.
5.Varkens In Nood by Jonge Activisten - a child is teaching about animal rights 

Spirit Of Squatters Collective : This is solidarity action(like most of our videos). The solidarity is stronger when it is seen by as many people as possible.So...Please use it ! Pass this info to everybody who could be interested !!!
Feel free to embed,link it,send it,screen it etc. Use it=don't loose it. Reclaim the media with us !

... So get inspired. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER !!!

Pigs in Peril
a Dutch animal welfare organisation

Appalled by the horrors of the epidemic of pigs' plague in 1997, Dutch novelist and publicist J.J. Voskuil founded the animal welfare foundation Pigs in Peril (Varkens in Nood). With this initiative he tried to raise moral consciousness about the living conditions of millions of pigs in the Dutch factory farms. Pigs in Peril preferred style of campaigning is to communicate decently but high profile.

The Netherlands are densely populated: 16 million people and 20 million pigs. The nation is the number one in export of pigs in Europe, transporting over 8 million animals to Germany, Spain, Italy and even Russia.

Production efficiency, in order to be cost effective, puts an enormous strain on living and housing conditions of the animals. In their stables, there's hardly any distraction so stress and all kinds of related health problems are immense. Coupled with specific market demands, pigs are the weakest link in the system, victim to tail docking, teeth cutting and castration. All this makes the life of a highly intelligent and social animal like a pig, deeply frustrating.

One of the primary focuses of Pigs in Peril is to inform the consumer on their responsibility in this matter. Every time people buy pork, their choice is of influence on the wellbeing of farm animals. Pigs in Peril hopes to arouse more interest and consciousness over the price of pork.    

After campaigning for two years and filing several lawsuits against supermarkets, Pigs in Peril has succeeded in banning castration for 80% of all boars sold in the Dutch supermarkets. See our pressrelease.
The Flemish best-seller writer Dimitri Verhulst is currently our ambassador. His first objective is to end the castration of piglets in Belgium. Read his article Castrating piglets is ofall  
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