Friday, April 1, 2011

Urgent call for support: Anarchists Against the Wall

Urgent Call for Support (

Israeli and Palestinian activists are arrested each week at joint demonstrations – and the lawyers fees are piling up. Without steady support, legal defense will not be able to operate much longer. Show your support through a regular monthly pledge to help sustain legal defense of activists arrested during protests in the West Bank.

Not a week has gone by without the injury and/or arrest of activists. These hundreds of arrests result in prosecution and jail sentences for organizing and participating in demonstrations - among other charges.

Jonathan Pollak went to prison last week for 3 months. Abdallah Abu Rahma from Bilin had his one-year sentence extended to 16 months after a series of hearings and appeals in the military courts. Behind these famous cases are literally hundreds more. The cost of legal defense for both Palestinians and Israelis has been huge and is only growing.

The activists are defended by the outstanding team of lawyers at Lasky and Partners Law office who work as hard as the activist themselves vis-à-vis the legal system on behalf of Israelis and Palestinians. Although Lasky and Partners charge as little as possible, over the years of struggle raising money to pay for legal support has become a second struggle that requires much effort.

To support the popular movement for the long run we have set a goal of $2500 in regular monthly pledges to go directly to legal defense. Please support us with whatever you can spare per month – it will go a very long way.


Anarchists Against the Wall is a direct action group of Israeli activists who attend weekly protests in the West Bank. We brought together a varied political coalition which has united in support of the Palestinian popular struggle against the occupation.


When invited by a Palestinian village, activists attend weekly demonstrations and direct actions standing together with Palestinians in rejection of land theft, violence, separation and occupation. We also recognize that our presence in these demonstrations can reduced violence and illegal activity by the Israeli military – who sometimes react differently to Israelis than to Palestinians. Over the years we have earned acknowledgment by Palestinian grassroots activists as a strong and committed ally.


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