Friday, April 15, 2011

Clownplete victory court cases + succesfoool RABBIT-weekend

After a first victory on Dec. 14th at the Collegial Court (Meervoudige Kamer) another rebel clown got an invitation to have no coffee at the court in Den Bosch on Monday, April 18th. But then a real miracle happened! Last week and this week 2 other clowns got beautifoool letters explaining they will not be prosecuted anymore!!!

It took some time:

May 23rd 2009 the day of several protests in Den Bosch: Antifa initiatives, many people from the neighbourhood and also clowns from the 'National Duckies Front'

February 23rd 2010 the first clown had to visit the court. It was far too complicated for just 1 judge...
An extra round was needed at the Collegial Court

October 20th the organisation 'Don'tLetThemWalk'published a black book about everything what went wrong in Den Bosch when the NVU marched and people tried to protest. Loads of stories (in Dutch), including the experiences from 5 rebel clowns

November 30th 2010 the first rebel clown got the attention she needed from the Collegial Court

December 14th 2010 the Collegial Court clowncluded: prosecution of that first clown is not admissible

January 25th 2011 clown nr. 2 got an invitation to visit the court April 18th

Finally in the first weeks of April 2011 clown nr. 2 and also nr. 3 got letters they'll end the party!!! Clown nr. 4 and 5 were already free (not prosecuted). It means clownplete Victory! No more court cases for the National Duckies Front!! Wowwww! Time to celebrate! (we did last Wednesday with great wine and last remainings of the RABBIT-weekend)


Last weekend, Friday April 8th - Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th Gen. Confusion came to Amsterdam to train fresh rebel clowns from Amsterdam and Hamburg. Gen. Confusion is one of the 'founding mothers' of CIRCA (Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army). We were glad and proud she coached the Rebel Act Big Basic Intervention Training (RABBIT) starting Friday with a great introduction about the early days of the Rebel Clown Army in the U.K. It was very inspiring and refreshing!

The rest of the weekend was about basic techniques of rebel clowning, spontaneous play, clown and buffoon maneouvres and many other exercises and games.
Sunday the training ended with first maneouvres in the Vondelpark. The intention was to restore the order. We tried, but luckily we failed!

We're looking back to a beautifoool weekend and welcome the new rebel clowns!! Not only the ones from Amsterdam. In a way Rebelact finally got pregnant: the new baby will probably get the name 'the Hamburg Rebel Clowns'.
The 'mother' (Rebelact / the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns) is proud and wishes
these powerfoool clowns a long, inspiring and rebellious life!

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