Friday, April 1, 2011

Red nose news update

Dear friends of the rebel clowns,
Exactly one year back we had a great action together with you
It was the first edition of 'April Fool's Pride'... The plan was to also organize it this year, but then a lot of serious news appeared in the media (nuclear power plants in Japan, war in Libya) and at the moment we should start preparing the action these developments were heavy and unpredictable and it was hard to say if 'April Fool's Pride' should be the right thing to do on April 1st.
That's why we decided to wait for a better occasion this spring. The Fools will probably take over the place in the last week of May! Why? Where? When exactly? You'll hear later - you'll get an invitation!!
Friday, April 8th till Sunday, April 10th we'll have a RABBIT-weekend (Rebel Act Big Basic Intervention Training) together with Hilary Ramsden from Bristol, UK. We reached the maximum number of participants. Mail us if you wish to have your name on the waiting list. In the last couple of days before the training there's always a chance a few subscribers let us know they aren't able to join. Might be an opportunity for people on the waiting list.
In May you'll probably hear more about a big Fool's action. See you there or at the RABBIT!
Best red nose wishes,
The Amsterdam Rebel Clowns
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