Saturday, April 28, 2012

Last callout 1st of may demo Amsterdam

We live in a time of economical and political crisis, actually a crisis of the states, banks and big companies, but the people pay the price. The political and corporate vultures just found a new stick to beat the people down with. They expect us to carry the whole weight, to not complain- everything to keep their position and bank account safe. Just because their economy has always needed rich but even more the poor, and because they want to have us addicted to work and money to keep their economy functioning.

Because we will not be victims anymore
Because it's our streets, and not the streets of the citycouncil or those who maintain law and order
Because we do not want to be consumption- and work robots like cogs in their machine any longer
Because we want to live for ourselves and eachother, but never again work for the bosses and managers
Because our struggle should be celebrated

Because we can turn their crisis into a systemcrisis...
Let us be the crisis!

Thats why:
Meeting at the 1st of May 19:00 on the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam for a strong demonstration
1mei (A) riseup (.) net

Vanaf amsterdam centraal naar Mercatorplein: tram 13

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