Saturday, January 1, 2011

Video callout for squatting actionweekend 7th,8th and 9th of jan.

New year, new opportunities. The christmas lights are being taken down but
the fireworks just keep on going. Our New Year's resolution shall be the
same as it is every year: we will keep squatting!

2011 is a year like every other, with many people still suffering from the
housing shortage. Squatting ban or not, squatting remains a necessity
since housing shortage remains an issue. And we will keep on resisting
against the fact that having a roof above your head depends on money or a
years-long waiting list. We refuse to lay our destiny in the hands of
speculators and city developers and building corporations.

In order to keep up the illusion of habitation, the city places
anti-squatters deprived of any rights into empty buildings. And so the
owners can keep on speculating happily and the rights of renters are
getting eroded more and more. This is no solution! We will keep on
actively fighting against emptiness and the housing shortage.

During the weekend of 7th-8th of January we want to start the new year
with actions across the whole country. We will expropriate empty houses
and give them back their original purpose: houses are to be lived in! Come
rain or shine we will build and renovate, and where necessary we will
barricade and defend, because we will not be driven out without a fight.
We call for everyone to show during this weekend that we are still here,
that our struggle goes on. And that we will not be stopped by a law that
is not only unjust, but also not ours, not at all.

Especially during times of oppression we will continue. The fires of 1st
of October might seem extinguished but they still smolder and might flare
up any moment!

2011: houses are still empty, our ideals still fiery. This will be a great

Squatting goes on!

- callout kraak actieweekend 8&9 januari [english]
- 8 & 9 januari Landelijke Kraak Actiedagen!
- 8 Jan. Demo: Breek de macht van het grootkapitaal!


callout poster, print uit en verspreid!
callout poster, print uit en verspreid!
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