Saturday, January 8, 2011

Breek de macht van het grootkapitaal demo.Video part 1


Break the power of big money because we all need it for live and living.


Opposition to the logic of big business grows. In most of Europe there are protests on the rise and there is international solidarity shown. The spending cuts are taking place on multiple social levels. We can see it in the current cultural void, growing repression and civil control, erosion of social services and mass layoffs are a result of the free market economy. Because of capitalism a large proportion of the world lives in extreme poverty, war, famine and environmental degradation. It is time to open our eyes and take society to the next level by working together.

This demonstration serves as preparation for a renewed squatters movement. A movement that faces the overall conflicts, the everyday struggle against capitalism and the material conditions that are the result greed and corruption. The sub-battle of squatting/living can be used as a catalyst to fight for a renewed society. This is a calling in particular a calling for solidarity / tying mutual bond and creating a strong front of resistance.

Re-orientation and renewed conflict.

Squatters have traditionally been politically active and squatted houses are used as political centers from which alternative politics is conducted. Gradually, the squatters' movement in general, become integrated within the dominant logic of big business and has a lack of a broader political framework. Thus one has tried to defend its interests through the channels of parliamentary politics by the logic and rhetoric of big business operated. Now that the ban squatting on the same channel has been established, it is imperative to create new paths.

The squatters movement needs a political re-orientation and will require a renewed struggle-if not connections to other social struggles, to develop. The squatters' movement must broaden its support base and see the battle of squatting/living as part of a greater overall struggle. The social class of workers, students and others must be offered something to make alternative radical politics relevant again. Only then militant resistance will be meaningful and to gain political leverage.

Direct links between some cracking fight / total live and struggle.

In the Netherlands, recently the law of 'survival of the fittest' has been restored by placing property ownership over to the right to housing. A dignified existence depends on a number of first basic as the right to housing. Only when one meets it can continue with follow-up values, such as the right to property. We as resistance fighters must ensure that the common interest is gaining in value as compared to private interests.

A typical symptom of Western capitalism in the Netherlands is deliberately maintained housing shortages. While tenants long on the waiting list and are prepared to be crippled for a mortgage or paying rent in the Netherlands are widely affordable and good homes were demolished (so-called restructuring) in order to create housing shortages.
Thereby increasing the value of real estate owners, investors and housing associations. It is good for building production, on the bank and the municipality of land prices get higher yield. If a house hunter not ready to finance all crooked to lie then they often go to the explosively growing industry of rogue anti-cracking their agencies 'users' exploits many other types of rights, privacy and other absurd regulations.

The profit seeking commercial industries trying to penetrate everywhere, even in the non-commercial art music and culture sector that often (former) squats rooms. These so-called incubators are an ideal breeding ground for creativity and small businesses, but push the commercialization of the political and ideological activities away. Even entire neighborhoods that become attractive through the energy, activities and projects of the indigenous people such as artists, squatters and students to transform unwanted commercial areas. Once the real estate lobby's chances smell it forces the church to renovate making prices so high that only wealthy elite can afford it and the neighborhood becomes dominant.

Towards a broad protest movement.

It is important to individual phenomena (symptoms) of neo-colonial capitalist system to fight with an extension to a structural approach to the underlying economic and political structures. Better said: reduced symptoms to the causes and fight them together. Some examples of symptoms of the capitalist system are: increasing repression and civil control, diminishing civil liberties and privacy policies to reduce degradation, attacks on press freedom, media manipulation, exploitation and exclusion of peoples and nations, continuing inequality and environmental pollution. As protesters, we each differ in emphasis on particular elements, proposed methods and use of resources must respect. A broad protest movement that brings about a total struggle may have a way of marching formulation!

Following the ban squatting we keep this demonstration. It is clear that the cause of many undesirable social policies such as the squatting ban lie in the core of the current capitalist system. This system must be overthrown, this is the reason of the calling for this demonstration.

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