Saturday, January 22, 2011

Statement on the events of 21rst January 2011 in The Hague

We denounce the extreme police violence that was forced against us
The police of The Hague reacted with extreme violence to the student-actions after the big rally. In all photos and videos, it is crystal clear that the police attacked protesting students without any provocation. Several students were wounded by police batons, bites of police dogs and police horses that attacked recklessly through the crowds. Some demonstrators had to be treated in the hospital. The police arrested 50 people.

We find the way that LSVb(National Student Union) and ISO (Cross-city student coordination) treated the situation unacceptable
LSVb and ISO made clear how far they are from their glorious past. The rally looked more like an election campaign than a protest defending our right for education. LSVb failed to meet the aims of the rally. Even worse, after the end of the rally, when thousands of angry students headed to the Parliament House and to the Ministry of Education LSVb made every possible effort to split them. First, after the end of the protests, LSVb and ISO kept their distance from the actions of thousands of students that were attacked by the police without any provocation. Second, they used their security against the students. The rally-security worked together with the riot police, the police dogs and horses to prevent students from further protests. LSVb and ISO formed a line of blue vests to split the demonstrators and tried to prevent people from joining the protests. Students should not be split but united to strengthen their struggle.

We condemn the misleading information given by the media
Generally the media talk about "hooligans" and "radical activists". However, the people that were present in the demonstration know that it was not the students but the riot police that forced violence.

We demand
Stop all budget cuts, including the ones in education. Take the money from the ones that possess it
Education is a right, not a privilege
Access to education for everybody, independently from income, social status and origin
Democratization of eduction. Take the power from the managers and give it back to the ones that know what education is about, namely, give the power back to students and lecturers.
No layoffs. Hire more lecturers for better quality in education
Education should serve the aim of social equality

Statement supported by:
Kritische Studenten Utrecht
Kritische Studenten Nijmegen Arnhem
Kritische Studenten Twente
Comite SOS Amsterdam
Griekenland is Overal
Anarchosyndicalistische Bond
Anarchistische Groep Nijmegen

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