Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Info to action groups for Squatting days 7th-8th december


a message for the people and groups doing actions in the coming squat-action-weekend, about what the press-centre will and will not do for them, and what you can and can't expect of us..

we will be in the ACU, on the Voorstraat in Utrecht.
the presscentre will mainly:
- gather info about what action is done where, and publish that in and indymedia-timeline
- send out a few (national) pressreleases, for instance about how the weekend proceeds
- forward local pressreleases over the national press-adress list

you shouldn't think we´ll pretend to speak for the whole movement, or that we're trying to take your press-attention for our own.. in fact, if a journalist comes with questions about a local action, we will allways try to hook that journalist up with the spokespeople of the action.

what we would like to see of actiongroups is that they let us know what they did in which city, so we aren't surprised if a journalist asks us about it, and so we can put it in the timeline and stuff.. if its something you don't wanna call or mail about, then post something anounymous on indy, come to us in the acu, or find another way you trust ;)
it would also be nice if we had contactpersons within actiongroups, so we can stay updated, and so we can help journalists finding them..

as of now you can reach us on  kraakaxie@gmail.com (the puscii-adress we spread before is broken, that's why there's a new one), and during the days we well have a phone number for updating us, we will spread the number via indy...

have fun next weekend, and make sure we have work ;)

the people of the press centre

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