Monday, January 3, 2011

Re: Reclaim the media! Spread the truth !

Some people could be death sentenced for revealing the truth. Should we not use our freedom for them ?
Just do it !
I came from the country where things were different than here. When i was young we didn't had so much possibilities like now.
I was happy to glue together few rewritten on type writer texts mixed with some cut off photos and then sell about 20 exemplars of this DIY zine.
Now with the time, possibilities and technology things are going much better. The books are realised in hundreds of exemplars. The pages are read by about 100 people daily. Some videos got over 1000 views. The articles what we are publishing on indymedia and other pages are read even MUCH more often.
But still there are people on the world who like me before doesn't have such a possibilities, who's voices are not heard enough, who's struggle could be easily ignored.
Let's help them ! Show Your solidarity. Spread their message. Reclaim the media for them and for us. Make Your own media or use indymedia to publish and pass the message further.

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