Monday, January 24, 2011

Solidarity with the Student 5

Tommorow (Monday, 24th of january 2011), five persons that were arrested during the studentprotests that happened last Friday, will appear to court in The Hague under 'supersnelrecht' (a juridical procedure that makes it possible for the State to prosecute within a couple of days). The five are suspected of acts of violence against riotcops (Mobiele Eenheid). The Public Prosecuter demands double penalties.

After the manifestation at the 'Malieveld', more than hundreds of students went to the 'Binnenhof' and the Department of Education to protest against the education budget cuts. The police and riot cops acted violently and smashed the people that tried to get away until they were bleeding. Some students were run over by police horses, which led to at least one broken foot.

The 'supersnelrecht' procedure is a controversial one. When this courtcase will lead to a conviction, it will only be based on vague police reports. Moreover, the lawyers will only have a small amount of time to prepare their defence.

Show your solidarity and go to the courtcase!

Time: 13.30

Adress: 'Paleis van Justitie', Prins Clauslaan 60, The Hague

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