Monday, January 17, 2011

Krakers tegen VVD Speculanten

Rebel clowns love VVD New Year's receptions! 
Rebelact - 18.01.2011 01:17

Quite late we heard about the right wing liberal party VVD New Year's reception. City council member Frank van Dalen should come and to be honoust: he is really a great guy, he doesn't only have close relationships with speculators - he also thinks the anti squatting law means new squats should be evicted immediately! 

Especially from a guy with close relationships with speculators it sounds at least a bit ridiculous - but we'll understand: with more empty spaces it will be partytime for him and his friends: buying, selling, buying, selling, buying, selling... with doing not much at all you could make loads of money! Great! 

Anyway: we thought these determined views from Frank van Dalen and his VVD party should need some extra support! Frank needs some practical help: with more eviction rounds you have to get rid of people who are actually doing something with all these empty spaces in the city (they call them 'squatters'). 

That's why we - from the Rebellious Clown Company - developed an attractive new product: a carton box looking like a home! Guess that should be the solution for empty spaces: evict squatters, sell them carton boxes to live in and then have even more empty spaces in the city! to trade, to speculate! Wonderfooool! 

No better place to meet speculators than a VVD New Year's reception! The ideal place to introduce our great carton box home product! It was very nice to have talks with people and potential costumers entering the reception. Unfortunatelly there were also a lot of other people from other parties who are against the anti squatting law, but luckily also several VVD-members and politicians showed real interest in our fantastic product! 

And of course to stimulate our clown business we had some original relation gifts: first of all: kraakelingen! (special cookies with a name close to the Dutch word for squatting) 
And also: speculandjes! Some people call them speculaas, but for us speculandjes (little speculators) sounds far better: eat them raw! That's what the squatters, who were also at the entrance of the New Year's reception, did. Speculandjes taste really great! 

Of course we gave kraakelingen to almost all people entering the reception. They loved it! Here's one of the tweets: 

Next to it - to give VVD people a really at home feeling - we sang their favorite ABBA song: 

"Money, money, money 
Must be funny 
In the rich man's world 
Money, money, money 
Always sunny 
In the rich man's world 
All the things I could do 
If I had a little money 
It's a rich man's world" 

Clearly it was a success this VVD New Year's reception: rebel clowns are looking forward for the next occasion to sell even more crazy products to crazy politicians! 

Pictures and films will follow


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