Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Struggle goes on - part of discussion

The Struggle goes on 
Spirit Of Squatters Collective - 12.01.2011 14:47

Spirit Of Squatters Collective
Spirit Of Squatters Collective

Dear NN
Beginning of the uploading more than 500 (!) videos,documentaries,movies,clips, reports mainly about (or related to) squatting was one of the action during the national squatting days. I hope that they would not only share the knowledge, inspire but also would be useful as tool in our campaign. Video's are the one of the most popular media to spread the message. Would be not wise instead of developing it, to put the cross on it.
Internet it is such a wonderful think that You can choose what You watch what You read and easy skip what You don't. As far as one even just person is thinking some action is useful i think is worthy to do it. Use my email for further discussion.
So struggle goes on as our action too
Lefties-Property is Theft. Docu about London squatters
1980 Vondelbrug te ver. docu

E-Mail: mgriks(at)
Video's plz 
nn. - 12.01.2011 17:22

The spiritofsquatter works are very very valuable, and their (his) related postings are usefull and important too. Indymedia-posts are more complete when it contains a link providing a movie of the action the indymedia-posting is about. Besides that, it helps tremendously when one's looking for information on previous actions, that the indymedia-post about that action contains a link to an overview (movie) of the action itself.

To me, calling this spam is completely ignorant.

To the ruispagina with this discussion.

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