Monday, December 31, 2012

New year Solidarity noise demo by deportation center Schiphol

00:01 01-01-2013 lawaai bij schiphol

Last night a group of people went to make noise at the new location of the deportation prison Schiphol (Amsterdam). It is an (international) tradition on New Year's Eve to go to the prisons to break the silence and isolation.

In the new Schiphol prison 'De Poort' over 1000 people will be locked up. Even more cells for a murderous system. Last night, recorded messages from the refugeechurch (a squatted church inhabited by illegal people in Amsterdam) were broadcasted for the people inside.
In the Netherlands there are thousands of people locked up because they don't have (the right) papers, in even worse conditions than the normal prisons. People are being kept for months and then either deported or kicked out on to the street for being 'practically not deportable', and a couple of months later the circus starts again. The ones deciding on these 'measurements' are the few inventing laws everybody should bend for, they're the ones making money from repression.
The whole prison system is based on their need for regulating and controlling 'society'. People are being locked up just because they don't fit into that society, don't contribute enough in economical terms or just to scare people. For the state it's about protecting the rich and the order, to maintain exploitation and suppression.

That's why we will keep coming back to make our solidarity with the prisoners heard.
Until everybody is free, until borders and prison walls don't exist any longer.

For a rebellious New Year!

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