Thursday, February 9, 2012

Albert Heijn Ashamed.Toxic Soy Exposed .Video

Handing over of 26.000 messages to Ahold
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"Toxic soy is not 'responsible' – Ahold do not make a fool of us"
And that was invitation
Thursday February 9th - Amsterdam: Reveal the lie!

Come and strengthen the message with your presence.

Megastable run on soy as feed. The Netherlands import 9 billion tons of soy yearly, mainly from South-America. Soy cultivation destroys nature and poisons people. Through genetic engineering most soy is resistant to the pesticide RoundUp. People living near the fields are covered in poisonous clouds, which has serious health consequences. This type of agriculture is a disaster for mankind, animals and the environment. A group of big soy growers, merchants and buyers are trying to sell this soy as 'responsible'. Even WWF lets herself be abused for this deceit. The goal of this 'green' sticker is to let the soy cultivation and animal industry continue as it is. Corporate responsibility they call it, but it is just business as usual. We call it misleading consumers.

We do not buy this. Over the last years tens of thousands of people have already protested against this deceit. People have signed an (international) petition in which supermarkets are asked to stop the deceit. Ahold, the holding owning Albert Heijn, is one of the members of the Round on Responsible Soy.

On February 9th we will hand over the petition to Ahold to show them that many people do not agree with greenwashing toxic soy. Participating in the Round Table is not a step in the right direction, it is just saying that a fundamentally wrong agriculture model is right. We ask Ahold to step out of the Round Table to show that they really take sustainability seriously.

The petition will be handed over at the CSR office of Ahold.

Come and strengthen the message with your presence!

Piet Heinkade 167-173, near Amsterdam Central station.

Time: 12:30-13:30

The Programm:

12.20 Music: The Bucket Boyz
12.30 Nina Holland (CEO - Corporate Europe Observatory, Brussels)
12.35 Luc Vankrunkelsven (Wervel - Workgroup for a Just and Responsible Agriculture, Belgium)
12.40 Camiel Donicie (FIAN - International FoodFirst Information and Action Network)
12.45 Jorge Galeano (MAP - Movement of Paraguayan Peasants, by phone)
12.50 Guus Geurts, Platform ABC Earth Farmer Consumer (The Netherlands)

12.55 Bucket Boyz

13.00 Meike Vierstra, ASEED Europe, The Netherlands
13.05 Tjerk Dalhuisen,, The Netherlands
13.10 Handing over the petition
13.12 Brief reaction by AHOLD
13.15 Reaction Nina Holland to Ahold
13.18 Call for futher action by Tjerk Dalhuisen

13.20 Bucket Boyz
13:35 The End (of soy greenwashing, we hope :-)


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