Thursday, April 18, 2013

May 5th, 2013: Noise demo tour to three Dutch detention centers

On liberation day, Sunday may 5th 2013, the Dutch No Border Network
organizes noise demonstrations at several detention centers in the
Randstad. Despite many protests both from inside and outside the
Netherlands the Dutch government still has the absurd idea that refugees
need to be locked up. From the very moment that migrants arrive in our
country they run the enormous risk of being locked up in one of the so
called immigration detention centers: this also still applies for families
and children. In addition their incarceration takes place under bad
circumstances: minimum access to medical and legal aid, aggressive guards,
continuous intimidation and manipulation to coerce cooperation to their
return, without any prospect concerning the duration of their detention.

In the past years many noise demonstrations have been organized at the
gates of this dehumanizing tail piece of the Dutch migration policy. On
one hand it is the goal of these demonstrations to call attention to the
existence of these prisons of the deportation industry, and on the other
hand it is the goal of the demonstrators to show their support to the
people inside.

The noise demo tour will go to three detention centers in The Netherlands.
First we are going to the detention center at Schiphol-West. After that we
will get back on the bus and continue to Alphen aan den Rijn, where the
largest detention center of The Netherlands, where at this moment up to a
thousand people can be locked up, is located. We will end the tour at the
detention center at Rotterdam Airport. During the bus tour there will be
plenty of time to discuss future plans for the struggle against the racist
migration policy of the Netherlands and the EU.

If you want to join the bus tour, please enter yourself by sending an
e-mail to info (at), so we can make sure there is room for
you on the bus. In Amsterdam you can get on the bus at 11.00 hrs. at the
Amstel trainstation (from Utrecht you can be there in 18 minutes).

Let our voices be heard against incarceration and deportation!

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