Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BlackOut, Radical map of Amsterdam

Hey everybody,

As you might have noticed the BlackList has stopped appearing. The BlackList was the Amsterdam action and activity calendar, made out of paper. It was published monthly from 2008 until the end of 2012. We decided to stop making it for several reasons. One of them was the great amount of work, while there is a well used digital calendar (radar.squat.net) that serves the largely same purpose.

However, as a last gesture we made a map of Amsterdam with all the places we hosted in the BlackList. Not bound by the limitations of a monthly agenda, we hope this map serves for a long time as a guide for people looking for radical places and a way for us to find eachother. We have made a thousand copies. For those who couldn't get hold of it, we hereby present a digital version, going completely against our former dogmatic use of actual paper. The BlackOut is a tribute to all those people that work in autonomous spaces, put down an incredible amount of work, time, effort and love to keep them up and running.
Thanks so much.

What does the map offer? First of all, it contains a handy overview of all those non-commercial autonomous spaces that enrich this town. All of those people's kitchens, bars, cinemas, independent social and political spaces; places where authority is hated and community encouraged are now all on one map. Because despite the variety and differences - let them flower - we feel there's a tie that binds us together. So if you want to know what's going on in Amsterdam, beyond yuppie bars and shopping streets, grab this map and go!

Furthermore, this map offers you a neat little overview of some very legitimate targets that we feel represent all those things we fight against. Unhindered by any realism, we've put it in comfortable black-and-white: the forces of Liberation bravely waving their Black and Red, Pink and Silver, Pirate, Rainbow, Purple or Green flags in their apocalyptic struggle against those suckers gathered under the Grey Blanket of Dreariness and Business as Usual.

On it, you'll find the seven High Virtues of Resistance, Autonomy, Irony, Pleasure, Solidarity, Love and Hate – look to the Left – set against the Seven Deadly Sins: Obedience, Authority, Exploitation, Repressive Social Norms, Consumerism, Surveillance and Boredom – on the Right, of course.

So after getting inspired and organized in one of the many autonomous spaces, put some ideas into action! Be the Resistance. Paint bomb the I Amsterdam sign, have a punk picnic at a VVD party conference, torch down De Nederlandsche Bank. Support illegalised people, free the animals, free your mind. Hang out with friends, swim and read a book. Bake apple pie. Dig holes under the surveillance machine, throw some bricks around wrapped in golden candy wrappers, send out furious or funny propaganda. Organise, distribute, plunder and loot. Keep on confusing them. Fuck the Fucking Fuckers. For a free and fun future. Starting right here and now.


You can still contact us by mail: black-list@riseup.net, which we check sporadically. We try to spread the BlackOut is good as we can, but if you are still looking for some or want to help spreading, send us an email.

And here some bigger files of the BlackOut

blackoutlaatste date 29 jan 2013.pdf58.91 MB
blackout tekstkant.pdf

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