Saturday, November 24, 2012

Osdorp refugees in hungerstrike demand a solution NOW

For months we have patiently asked for a solution to our situation. For months people of Holland have supported us. In the camp, the demonstration and in the media. The only thing that the government offers us is putting us away in a AZC for one month, and then put us on the street if we do not accept deportation. This is not acceptable. Our lifes are in danger in our own countries. The majority of us have gone on hunger strike. Going on hunger strike in the winter, in a tent camp, with many people allready sick, is dangerous for our lives. We hope that the government finally understands our desperation and our cry for help.

Open our files - believe our true stories.
Give us access to healthcare and education.
Security from random arrests.
Give us a residency permit.

If you want, give us a call
El mouthena :0685602714
Younes :0685270643
Mustafa :0684566733
Bayisa : 0684482895
Mamadou : 0684997713

Organizing the camp, we're still very low on cash. This is needed every day to organize even the most basic things even though a lot is donated. If people want to donate money this would be highly appreciated. Money can be sent to Sjerp van Wouden, 6886074, Landsmeer with the text 'Donation camp Osdorp'. Donators will recieve at receipt of their money transfer. For more info contact or call one of the five listed representatives.

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