Sunday, November 25, 2012

27 november! 15 uur Dam A'dam! Refugees demonstration in Amsterdam

We are going to the streets again! There is a very good chance that this week our camp will be evicted. Most of us are likely to end up in refugee jails. Where? We don't know. For how long? We don't know. We plan to stay in action in the camp untill the police comes.

But because the end of our camp is probably near we want to go to the street for a public demonstrationmarch one more time, this tuesday! We want everyone to know, especially the government, that we are here and we will stay.

The point as always is this: they can arrest us but that will not change a thing. They can kick us in the street again but that will not change a thing. They would only increase our suffering. Why do they do this to us? The problem is caused by IND and government rules because of which we aren not allowed to stay, but at the same time they can not deport us. Thus we are trapped in the system. The only solution, as we have always said, starts with the reopening of our files and the IND believing our stories. If we had a legal paper, we would work hard to make a future in Nederland. Refugees and immigrants are hard working people! Give us this chance, it is our human right!

So yes, this may probably be our last action for now. But refugees have been in tentcamp actions for over a year. Always they arrest us; always we come back. Because they don't give a solution. So we will be back.

And our brothers in The Hague are also still in action.

15:00 Manifestation at the Dam; refugees and supporters speak out & music
15:45 March from Dam to IND office near Leidseplein
16:30 Arrival at IND office. Refugees and supporters speak out

Flyer gemaakt, downloaden maar en verspreiden...

27 nov osdorp demo.pdf

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