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EYFA Network News: Summer Events 2012

.on Actions and Events Summer 2012

Another run-down of grassroots activist events, gatherings, camps and meetings taking place around Europe this summer. Pack your bag, grab your tent and stick out your thumb – there's lots to do.

Have an event planned this summer or autumn that should be included? Email eyfa [at] and we'll add it to the website or include it in our next newsletter.

1.  Rossport Solidarity Camp Gathering (Ireland)
2.  Anarchist Bookfair (Sweden)
3.  No Border Camp (Sweden)
4.  Agriculture Action Camp "Food back in our own hands" (The Netherlands)
5.  Ecotopia Biketour (Catalonia, France, Italy)
6.  European Forum against Enforced Useless Major Projects (France)
7.  Take back the Land! (Scotland)
8.  International Animal Rights Gathering (Poland)
9.  Velorution Universelle (France)
10. No Border Camp (Germany)
11. GAIA Workcamps (Kosovo)
12. Anti-Nuclear Camp (Poland)
13. Anti-nuclear Network Meeting (Germany)
14. Climate Action Camp (Belgium)
15. Climate Camp 2012 (Cologne Germany)
16. Anti-Nuclear Camp & Blockade (Finland)
17. International Anarchist Gathering (Switzerland)
18. Climate and Energy Camp 2012 (Jänschwalde Germany)
19. Free Workshop in Performance, Activism & Permaculture (Germany)
20. Young Friends of the Earth Europe Summer Camp 2012 (Spain)
21. Libertarian Media-fair (Germany)
22. International Sailing-Bicycle Tour to Stop Nuclear Power Worldwide (Sweden-Germany)
23. International Anti-Militarist Camp (Germany)
24. International Conference on Degrowth Ecological Sustainability & Social Equality (Italy)

1. Rossport Solidarity Camp June Gathering, North Mayo, Ireland

June 1-4, ;

The seventh annual Rossport Solidarity June Gathering returns for another weekend jam-packed with workshops, music, family activities, discussions, and fun! The gathering is on the June Bank Holiday Weekend in North Mayo.

We hope this year's gathering to be not just about Shell in Mayo, but the many struggles going on in the country at the moment. Community campaigns from all over Ireland are invited to come share stories, skills and experiences. Whether you are involved in Anti-fracking in Leitrim, Household tay in Dublin, Protect Our Coast in Dalkey, anti-cuts or anything else, please come and network, make friends and share!

2. Anarchist Bookfair, Stockholm, Sweden

June 16,

On Saturday, June 16, 2012, the Stockholm Anarchist Bookfair will be organized. There will be stalls by Swedish and international publishers, panel discussions, workshops, a crèche, and a "people's kitchen."

The bookfair's aim is to advance analysis, to exchange experience, and to strengthen cooperation. Furthermore, we want to correct simplified images of anarchism and anarchists. We want the bookfair to be open and inviting: a place where everyone feels welcome, curious pensioners as much as long-time activists. We are specifically reaching out to individuals, groups, and organizations in the Baltic region to establish contacts, share ideas, and build networks for the future!

For further information please navigate this site.

If you have any questions or want to book a table, please email

3. No Border Camp 2012, Stockholm, Sweden

June 17-24,

The goals of the Stockholm No Border Camp this year are to highlight and act against corporations and capital interests that supports the state's migration policies while also profiting from the deportation machinery; to share our experiences and skills and together build on our knowledge to better be able to conduct solidarity campaigns and fight the nation state and it's policies on migration; to advance the argument of freedom of movement and a world without borders into the public debate. On the 17th of June there will be a mass demonstration in central Stockholm for a world without borders. On the 18th there will be a solidarity action with the people detained in the detention center in Märsta. During the week actions are also being planned against detention- and deportations profiteers, repression, companies who exploit migrant workers and the security complex.

4. Agriculture Action Camp "Food back in our own hands," Netherlands (South)

July 5-10,

Do you want to know more about the struggle against GMOs and industrial farming that is dominated by big companies? Do you want to organize actions against the meat industry and the imports of animal feed? But you are also interested in producing your own food on a sustainable, climate neutral, autonomous and social way? Do you want to know more about a direct and local farmer-consumer cooperation? Not afraid of getting your hands dirty in a workshop? Then mark these dates in your agendas and make sure to keep July 5-10 free! We invite activists, slow-foodies, farmers, gardeners, students, animal friends and people who want to learn and share skills on sustainable agriculture!

This year we expect more participants from neighbouring countries. Therefore there will be more possibilities to talk about international campaigns on issues such as food sovereignty, protection of free seeds and access to land. The camp will take place somewhere in The Netherlands. Exact location and the program will be announced in a later stage.

If you want to help out, have suggestions for the program or if you want to contact us for any other reason, please email:

5. Ecotopia Biketour, Catalonia, France, Italy

July 6- Sept 19,

The Ecotopia Biketour is an eco-mobile do-it-yourself activist community which cycles through Europe each summer. This year our journey takes us through Catalonia, the South of France and Northern Italy and our theme is degrowth, challenging the damaging mentality of growth which overlooks real social and environmental values. We will visit projects, collectives and people who are
experimenting with alternatives to growth, learn from each other and live sustainably! And we also have the challenge to get to cross both the Pyrénées and the Alps with the help of our trusty bikes.

We would love for you to join us, if: you can cycle around 50 km per day (probably with some very hot days on hilly roads!); you are interested in environmental and social justice issues and want to take part in actions; you want to take part in consensus decision-making (communicating!) and you want to help with the daily tasks such as preparing meals, pulling trailers, washing up or tidying the sleeping places.

How to join: Read the info about the Biketour on our website & fill out the registration form:

6. European Forum against Enforced Useless Major Projects, Notre-Dame-des-Landes, France

July 7-11,

In 1992, the Earth Summit (UNCSD), in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), established the first world calendar and the 27 principles for sustainable development.
Twenty years later, still in Rio (20th 22nd June 2012) away from their commitments, governments are going to promote "green economy", renouncing to put political choices, social justice and sustainability over economic logics . Their so-called green economy is leading to the extension of the commodification and financialization of nature and society, even though we live in a context of unprecedented crises (financial, economic, social, ecological ...).

This initiative will take the form of a thematic Forum within the World Social Forum. It aims at enabling many current struggles against useless major projects to rally, in order to identify these projects, to count them,to fight them. It will develop solidarities with the organization of convergent actions at European level ... to move forward along the path of social, ecological and democratic transition.
We invite all the people, local collectives, networks, organizations ... involved in the fighting to join us on the site of Notre Dame des Landes, from July 7th to July 11th 2012, to move and act together.

7. Take back the Land!, Douglas Valley, Scotland

July 12-18,

Opencast coal mining in the Douglas Valley is about the ruling class destroying communities for their own financial gain. It's about ecological destruction on a massive scale for capitalism's unquenchable thirst for cheap energy. It's about absentee fat-cat land-lords making millions off land that shouldn't be theirs. It's about morally corrupt local (and national) government putting profit before people.

Take Back the Land! will be a space for taking action, sharing skills and learning through doing. It will be a welcoming and safe space for all those wishing to challenge the social injustice and environmental destruction caused by opencast coal mining operations in Scotland and throughout the world.

In solidarity with the communities of the Douglas Valley, we will be directly confronting the power structures and infrastructures which have dominated and scarred the valley for too long with a mass action planned for the 14th July and plenty of room for skilling up, recruitment and affinity group actions to be taken.

People who want to travel from the "Hambacher Forst" in Germany can contact:

8. International Animal Rights Gathering, Poland

July 13-15,

Three days of workshops, co-ordinating and action for animal rights. Attended by thousands of activists from across the globe who fight to bring an end to vivisection, the fur trade, hunting etc.. Check the website for details when announced.

9. Velorution Universelle, Concarneau, France

July 13-15,

Velorution is an invitation to cycle around together, everyone take their own responsabilities.

That is: To spend a friendly time around bikes's culture; be the traffic (not preventing it to move freely as we sometimes hear); prove that there's nothing as a bike to create social ties; enable new cyclists to feel secure for a first outing in town; be responsible for the things (living or not) that surround us; to protest against the one-way approach of the public policy all in favor of the engine and it's dependence on energy.

10. No Border Camp 2012, Cologne/Düsseldorf, Germany

July 13-22, ;

gathering | exchanging | networking | empowering - To deal together and in various forms with:

(Charter-)deportations, Frontex, antiziganism, everyday-racism and far right discourses; institutional racism, the disastrous living conditions and struggles of migrants and refugees, (post-) colonialism, the horrible situation on the external frontiers, and other issues. Also critical whiteness and empowerment will play an important role.

The camp is intended to be a place of discussion on antiracism, a critical view on capitalism, with opening perspectives on antifascism and feminism. A place to exchange experiences and plan actions, where the struggles of refugees and People of Colour meet the engagement of racism-critical white people. Come to the campside, take part, bring workshops and actions and participate.

11. GAIA Workcamps, Plemetina, Kosovo

July 20-31 and August 16-29,

Plemetina is a village 15km away from Prishtina- capital of Kosovo.It's inhabited by Serbs and Roma,with small number of representatives of other nationalities.Community is isolated in many respects – due to administrative,political, social,national,ethnic,economic problems.Living conditions are challenging,due to electricity and water cuts.Moreover the village is situated close to two major coal power plants,causing serious health and environmental damage. During workcamp volunteers will have opportunity to learn about the difficulties,but also about rich cultural heritage of the community.

12. Anti-Nuclear Camp "Against Nuclear Energy – For Energy Democracy" Lubiatowo, Poland

July 23-29,

While more and more countries withdraw from using nuclear energy, and while the economic model based on unlimited exploitation of fossil fuels by energy corporations is reaching its limits, the Polish government (after intense lobbying ny the multinational nuclear sector) is planning to spend 150 billion Zlotys on the construction of two nuclear power plants in the country.

A coalition of various Polish groups and organisations struggling against nuclear energy and for social and environmental justice are coming together to give a public voice to the opposition against these plans and to promote public action and organising in the directly affected communities. The camp will be a space dedicated to exchange of experiences, skills and knowledge between those fighting for environmental and social justice, with the main focuse being the anti-social policies of governments and nultinational energy companies.

A demonstration in Gdansk will take place on Saturday, 28th. We invite all people expecting peaceful actions, whether you are an activist or you're interested in becoming part of the anti-nuclear movement.

13. International Anti-nuclear Network Meeting, Döbeln, Germany

July 30- Aug 3,

From July 30 to August 3, 2012, an international anti-nuclear camp and network gathering will take place in Döbeln (middle Saxony, Germany). We invite you and your anti-nuclear friends to join us, get to know each other, inform about atomic developments and anti-nuclear activities in your region, for skill sharing and for networking. We want to start new campaigns and actions as well as to strengthen the international cooperation in already existing projects. From the camp there will be a possibility to travel to the international blockade and protest camp in Olkiluoto, Finland.

If you can help to prepare the programme, local arrangements or with the construction of the camp during the months before the gathering starts, you are very welcome. Please write us if you can contribute or if you want to participate to

14. Climate Action Camp, Leuven, Belgium

August 3-8,

The climate action camp will be a week full of interesting workshops, encounters, direct action, and an ecological way of living. But most of all, it'll be fun! Make sure to write down the dates in your agenda. We are also still looking for people who want to help with the preparation of the camp. You can reach us at

15. Climate Camp 2012, Cologne, Germany

August 4-12,

16. Anti-Nuclear Camp & Blockade, Olkilvoto, Finland

August 6-13,

Olkiluoto Blockade Camp in Eurajoki, western Finland, will bring together people from the anti-nuclear movements in Finland and internationally. The camp will be an opportunity to discuss struggles against the nuclear energy industry and for encouraging truly sustainable, decentralized forms of energy.

On August 11, Olkiluoto Blockade action day, people are invited to come and block the roads to the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant by civil disobedience. Year 2012 will mark the third annual blockade.

17. International Anarchist Gathering, Imiers, Switzerland

August 8-12,

All libertarians from the various anarchist movements around the world, and all those interested in learning more about anarchism, are invited to gather from August 8-12, 2012 in St-Imier in the Jura mountains in Switzerland.
We will be celebrating the 140th anniversary of the first congress of St-Imier that was held in 1872, when the St-Imier Anarchist International was created after anti-authoritarian members were expelled from Marx's First International. Since then, the world has changed in some ways with the different libertarian currents evolving in various directions, an aspect that will be well represented at the gathering in St-Imier. Certainly, time has not diminished the ways in which the weakest in society are being oppressed by the most powerful, and the meeting will accordingly address the multitude of approaches to resist these forms of oppression.

18. Climate and Energy Camp 2012, Lausitz (Jänschwalde), Germany

August 11-19, http://www.lausitzcamp.info

This year again the Climate Camp at the Lausitz will create space for networking, sharing knowledge, discussion and direct action. On the website you'll find information in english from the camp last year.

19. Free Workshop in Performance, Activism & Permaculture, Hamburg, Germany

August 12-19,

Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (Lab of ii) merges art and life, creativity and resistance, proposition and opposition. Infamous for touring the UK recruiting a rebel clown army, running courses in postcapitalist culture, throwing snowballs at bankers, turning hundreds of abandoned bikes into machines of disobedience and launching a rebel raft regatta to shut down a coal fired power station; we treat insurrection as an art and art as a means of preparing for the coming insurrection. The Lab of ii is now in the process of setting up an international utopian art/life school on a Permaculture farm in Brittany.

The workshop will take place in the run up to the labofii's performance intervention for the Kampnagel Summer festival, Natural Revenge. For those who wish, there will also be the opportunity to carry on working with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination on this production, which will take place on August 24th. This will involve taking part in rehearsals from August 20th.

Please send your application to by May 31st.

20. Young Friends of the Earth Europe Summer Camp 2012, Galicia, Spain

August 14-19,

The YFoEE Summer Camp is a once a year chance for activists from across the YFoEE network, where you have the chance to get to meet and spent time getiing to know other young activists from across the YFoEE and FoEE network, learn about and build your skills and knowledge on the issues and campaigns we work on, and get involved in our actions and projects. We'll be offering an action packed programme with workshops on topics from climate justice to food sovereignty, and crucial skills from facilitating group meetings to planning effective campaigns and actions.

On top of the usual programme of training, skill shares and workshops, this year you'll get the chance to celebrate Young Friends of the Earth Europe's 5th birthday with us this summer, and you'll have the chance to see and learn about the centre's environmental education and practical sustainability work.

Applications open until Sunday 27th May

21. Libertarian Media-fair, Bochum, Germany

August 24-26,

The fair will take place from the 24th to 26th August 2012 in Bochum, Germany. Although the focus will be on German language media, there will as well be books an other media in the English, Spanish and Turkish language. There will be various workshops, film screenings and books, publishers. The programme from last year is here:

22. International Sailing and Bicycle Tour to Stop Nuclear Power Worldwide

Aug 25 – Sep 9 , from Stockholm (Sweden) to Greifswald (Germany)

The AntiNuclearNetwork NorthEast Germany (AntiAtomBündnis NordOst) – is planning a sailing trip against nuclear power, on which we want to cruise through the Baltic Sea and get active, be creative and also visible for the public. We invite all active people especially from countries around the Baltic Sea to join us and take part in this sailing trip for a future without nuclear power! For two weeks we will sail and live on the „Lovis" - a big traditional sailing ship with an interesting history, a nice atmosphere and the mission of bringing people together and giving them room for a joined experience of exchanging, sharing and learning ( We will be on board the „Lovis" on the last stage of its tour along the Baltic Sea coasts and bring our joined message to all the harbours and stops that we will pass on our trip.

A second group will be on their bikes and will be active along the shoreline. There will be regular contact between bikers and the sailors and there will be meetings in some places to do actions together. We will meet active people from different countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Russia, and also from Great Britain and France to state a joint message far a future without nuclear power!

23. International Anti-Militarist Camp, at the GÜZ Altmark, Germany

September 12-17,

Discussions and Actions against the Combat-Training-Center of the Bundeswehr and NATO

The GÜZ is one of the major places in Germany for the preparation of war. With its regular weapon transportations, the foreseeable construction works on the new urban combat training city, its high tech laser installations and much more, the GÜZ offers to us the opportunity to learn from each other practically, to invent how to bring to a standstill a war machinery. It's here, that all units of the German army practice for two weeks before they are deployed in Afghanistan or some other war zone. They arrive with their own vehicles, equipments and weapons. The GÜZ is gigantic and hardly fenced in. The schedule for military training is fully booked, delays are not supposed to happen. Ever. We want to practically show, that it is possible to stop the war here, where it begins. In this sense we welcome all forms of action that mark, block and sabotage the ongoing training in operation!

For all these reasons we call you to come to the anti-militarist camp at the Gefechtsübungszentrum Altmark the 12.-17. September 2012 to fight with us for a better world.

24. 3rd International Conference on Degrowth, Ecological Sustainability and Social Equality, Venice, Italy

September 19-23,

The chosen theme for the 3rd International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity is: "The great transition: degrowth as a passage of civilization

We organize, in fact, this third edition in a historical phase in which we are faced with the necessity of a deep change, a change that asks us to reflect on topics and issues apparently very different – work, income, consumption, waste, energy, technology, mobility, education, citizenship – but actually inextricably linked.

We thought the Conference as an opportunity to confront on degrowth exempt from all reductionism, economical but even ecological or political, and this requires to organize debate and discussion paying attention to connections, interactions, transversal linking, with a strong cross-disciplinary look capable of holding together natural and social sciences.

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