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Tantra,Love & activism workshop part 1 and 2

On video's You could see extended version but full information with exercises You could get only on the workshops
1.What is tantra ?
Tantra have so many definitions probably as many people are connected to it. There are few things what is difficult to explain and You have to experience them. For me tantra is connecting our sexuality with our spirituality and balancing our female and male energy. It is using secret act of making love not only for our pleasure but also for getting us higher, more conscious, more aware and even more unlighted. It's strengthening everything what we do in our life. By bringing our conscious to higher levels is making us more aware and active with the things what are important to humanity or to save the planet etc. It's making our love more sacred, more pleasurable and more fulfilling. Tantric love is transforming sexual act from short one ended with quick ejaculation, dissatisfaction and loose of energy in to long one like waves of ecstasy ended up when we like it to happen and what is giving us energy. Tantra is expanding intimacy from bad to our daily life, and love from ourselves, to our partner,then family … and to whole universe. Tantra is everything and much more what I would teach You today.
2. Love is the biggest power
Love is the biggest power. There are so many crisis's and problems nowadays than never before. That's why is important to learn love in every way possible .Not without reasons available over centuries only for the elites secrets now are relieved to everyone. Don't miss this chance. 
Even love is most important in life of most of us there are not so many real knowledge about it. The painful paradox is that doesn't have place in school education. We can talk about big luck when we learn at least some love from our parents. To fill up this gap we wrote these words, we read them, and we giving this workshop.
3. Loss of semen means loosing energy
To start one of the basic things that we have to learn is to avoid ejaculation. During ejaculation, man loses so much energy that after he is usually only able to turn his back and sink into a deep sleep. Loosing so much creative energy if it happen more often than ones a two weeks lead to many health problems, quick frustration, quick temper lack of energy just no name the few.
Average less than 10 minutes foreplay and less than 7-minute interaction leaves woman disappointed - She needs a lot more time to be excited, and even more to achieve orgasm.
This situation discourages woman from making love, makes her feel used and is leading to frustration in the relationship and in our lives.
4. Fore play
Therefore, before we learn to slow down or even stop the ejaculation, you should realise how important is foreplay. It's making possible to increase time of making love what give for women more satisfaction what is very important. So let Your woman decide when interaction should start. Man ( but woman either ) could find out in that way thats whole body, thankful of exchange of energy is able to ecstasy and for example tong could receive and give so much pleasure to the licking and licked person what You would never expect. For play its also a great time to get to know our erogenous maps. Mouth, breast, genitals, anus that's commonly known areas of sexual pleasure, but everyone is different and i each of us are hidden great mysteries what we will have to explore.
5 Intimacy not just in bad
Intimacy and love should not be confined just to our bedroom. Making love is not only penetration but also kind words, hugging, nice looks what we should give to our partners in all  possible moments. Very nice habit is to cuttle each other every time when we see each other. Another one is nice to before we falling to sleep its nice to cuttle each other in the spoon position (on the side one behind another) and by sharing breathing synchronise our energies. Giving love could be also very nice by doing things together like dancing, partner yoga, romantic dinner, taking some course, reading to each other, doing actions etc. Especially yoga, Tao chia and Qi gong are very handy to complete tantric practise because they're dealing with energy what is very important.
Ecstasy shouldn't be excluded to stay between the bedrooms walls but should spread in all areas of our lives. Especially mans have habit to be nice mainly only when they like to make love but this is very annoying and disappointing to women. They very often feel used and see partners love as only way to get something...
6.Male and female energy
Very often our sexual life could improve when we just will give up leading role to the woman's. They are able lead making love much better to make her more content. Which man would not like to satisfy his beloved ? Unfortunately  not everyone is able to let themselves to switch the roles. From centuries female sex is suppressed by male sex. Because man's are ruling the world we have so much wars, climate change, hunger and other problems on the world. In the societies and tribes where woman's are leading wars are not happening so often because what mother would send their sons to die for homeland. Care its a woman value so its obvious that in the matriarchal societies people are before profits. Relationship would be much more happy if we would more let women to decide.
Of course i'm generalising here because sometimes may happens women's with male character and as well man's who prefer spend time in the kitchen or with children. This is because we all have in ourselves feminine and masculine energies, Yin and Yang, moon end son etc.

From the balance  of those two polarities depends our happiness. Unfortunately, imposed on us in childhood educational standards making a men are too masculine, and women too feminine. To balance this we should more often let the man be a woman and vice versa -  the woman be a man.

Through the care of children man can develop his suppressed emotionality.

By letting woman to be on the top during making love ( what through centuries was prohibited ) a woman can regain her leading values.

This tantric change is a good step in the struggle for rights and women's liberation.

From changing ourselves we begin steps towards a better society. Therefore, we must destroy these stereotypes imposed in to us. We should let the man  be emotional and sensitive. Through constant suppression of his tears he can breed a terrible disease.

The same may happen to woman if they're never able  to relieve her anger, etc. Let's not suppress our feelings. Let us be ourselves. Let's do it for ourselves.

Second part ( following points ) would be presented in wednesday Valreep workshop (27.6.12)

7.Love Yourself

8.Know Yourself


10. Ecstasy

11.PC Muscles

12. Breathing

13. Synchronising and moving energy up and down

14.Pressure points and mudras


16. Open communication

17. Present Moment


Tantric Love Activist Revolution

Twenty-first century. Time of great change but also the risks and concerns.
Can we survive? Would humanity will cope with the mess that has created mainly during the last century? How far, how long, what disasters we have to experience that people would make the breakthrough of their mentality? There is still hope that if we act united in all possible ways, we can avoid destruction of our planet, extermination of generations to come, global warming, water contamination, deforestation or other consequences of our "civilized" life.

There is a power that gives the strength to the hope, gives faith that everything will be fine. This power that's love, what especially now we have to distribute in any possible way and as much as we can. Of course, we should start with ourselves, our beloved, then our children, first close and then further family, then all human beings, animals, plants and entire planet. If we start to love properly, it will not be limited just to ourselves, or eventually only to our family. Developed love does not stop just at feelings for our partners, but on understanding that if we would like to be happy we have to live altruistically. So do good to other people, animals, plants and entire planet. Everything in the universe is interconnected. Our health is increasingly dependent on the health of our planet. We can imagine that we letting in negative energy in to our body by eating every piece of meat, what had to be paid not only by animal suffering but also by the world hunger, climate change, deforestation, poisoning soil,water etc.
We wouldn't buy for a child happiness by purchasing cheap Chinese toys, produced by other children from who's childhood was taken away.
Giving for beloved heart-shaped chocolates will not pass energy of love if You was aware that to produce it, children were abused  at the cocoa  plantation.
If we understand good in almost all religions and all philosophical systems they're teaching us love. Why, nevertheless, it is still too little of that feeling to save the planet? Why so often still it is just selfish feeling limited only to ourselves ? Why religions that suppose to spread love to often causes bloody wars? We could probably write a book about it but here is not time and place for that.
I would go straight to the heart of the problem and the solution. To make our love mature and altruistic I'm encouraging you to familiarize yourself with positive tantra, sexual tao, tantric love which by the fact that would ascend us to higher levels of consciousness will give us healthy, happy life for ourselves and our loved ones, and eventually will open our hearts and eyes to the needs of our times. Regardless of religion, philosophical system,will bring a feeling and power of love in everything what we do.
So why wait ? Start today. Save yourself and the rest. Give happiness to yourself and others !
Happy life You get by doing good !



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