Thursday, September 22, 2011



"Listen carefully; can you hear the sound of freedom?"

On the 24th of September, freedom takes over the inner city of Utrecht. Everywhere we go, our basic rights and freedom become restricted, by any means possible. That is why, by celebrating a PARTY FOR THE FREEDOM, we show what freedom is and dance for a world in which we're not controlled, separated, forced and limited. On this day, in a protesting parade we reclaim the streets in favour of freedom, and set a statement against the ongoing measures of the government.

The governing parties pretend to stand for freedom. Their actions and policies however, show otherwise. Among other things, this is evident in cuts such as the penalty for prolonged students, raising the retirement age, abolishing the personal budgets for handicaps and the cuts in arts and culture. Also in the demonization of immigrants and refugees, the increasing measures to control us, the restrictions in our right to demonstrate, the public transport chip card and the squatting ban. They're trying to limit OUR FREEDOM, but we do not intend to give it up!

So let's take the street back, demand our public space and reclaim our freedom! RAVE RESIST REVOLT! Get your ass to the Moreelsepark in Utrecht, at 1 o'clock on the 24th of September, where we will start. Together we will dance and fight for a better world in which equality, solidarity and freedom are more important than money and power! So come, and bring your friends, banners and noise with you!

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Anonymous said...

Helemaal achter jullie statement, maar niet achter de manier van uiten: vrijheid voor jezelf moet hand in hand gaan met respect voor de vrijheid van anderen. De opdringerige, gigantische bak herrie die jullie produceerden deed dat beslist niet ! Een gezellig avondje met n wijntje en n kampvuurtje was in de verste omtrekken niet mogelijk !