Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stop Evictions for Emptiness.

The recently squatted house at Zeeburgerpad 13 and the house squatted more than three years ago at Makassarstraat 126 are to be evicted. Both houses will simply remain empty afterwards.
The Zeeburgerdijk will basically be filled with building material by the owner Van Keulen just as an alibi. He will then wait until the district starts developing the area and make a lot of money from the houses.
Makassarstraat is owned by a housingcorporation which wants to tear down the whole block at some time in the future. The house in question was empty because it was completely rotten and deemed unfit for living.
The guys living there have rebuilt everything from the ground up. The Housing corporation has no money and no means to make the plans of demolition and rebuilding happen any time soon. Since the appartment is written off as unusable, there will basically be nobody to move in.

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