Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tomorrow Demo: climate justice now - free the climate prisoners

The Network Climate Justice Action (CJA) calls for an annonced Manifestation

climate justice now - free the climate prisoners!
peaceful solidarity demonstration
Friday 18.12. at 15:00
 from Israels Place (Norreport station) to Christiansborg

+++please forward +++ bring friends and families+++ come and join+++

The cop 15 comes to an end - and it has not coped with what politicians
promised. There is no treaty that might preserve us from the
catastrophic consequences of runaway climate change. The summit's agenda
didn't even include real solutions to the climate crisis - such as
tackling economic growth, leaving fossile fuels in the ground and
implementing food souverainity. Neither has it adressed the ecological
debt the global north has with the south or measures for a just
transition towards a low carbon economy and society.

Furthermore, critics and adversairies of the climate politics carried
forward by the industrialized nations, market-based false solutions as
carbon offsetting and emissions trading have suffered from a whol array
of repression: Delegates from the civil society have been excluded from
the process, some of them beaten up by the police when trying to join
the peoples assembly for climate justice outside the Bella Center.

Demonstrations have been cattled, attacked with tear-gas, pepper-spray
and batons, more than 1.500 climate activists have been arrested over
the past two weeks. Some of them are still in jail - those and others,
including spokespeople for climate justice action are now facing trials
for taking a role in our common struggle for climate justice.

We neither accept the results of this summit nor the repression our
friends and comrades are facing - and that is why we will be on the
streets again on friday (18th dec):

peaceful solidarity march from Israels Place near Norreport station
(15:00) to Slodsplads (Christiansborg)

Join in and bring your friends along!

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