Friday, December 11, 2009

"Save the Himalayas" movie and intro for news from COP 15

Our collective arrived safe in Copenhagen. We will give a short report of everything that we will see and experience here. Everyday you can check our pages, and use them. Pass the relation further. Reclaim the media with us. Change the climate for better (and not for business). With our activity we are supporting www.climate-justice-action , , and other honest people who are really concerned about our planet. We would stand against any hypocrisy,fake solutions (like gmo, agro fuels, nuclear power, carbon trade or big part of official COP 15 etc.), corporations, "green" capitalism etc.Here is the first part... So get inspired. Spirit Of Squatters.

The Summiteers’ Summit to Save the Himalayas Copenhagen, 11 December 2009

The majestic Himalayas, whose enthralling beauty have inspired awe and religious devotion in people around the world for millennia, continue to challenge the human spirit and contribute to the human experience. The Himalayas are the ‘water towers’ of Asia, feeding its largest rivers and nourishing hundreds of millions of people downstream. The Himalayas play an important role in global atmospheric circulation and are a sanctuary for unique biodiversity. The lofty peaks and mighty rivers have inspired civilizations and supported a mosaic of cultural diversity. The Himalayas, in essence, are a global treasure.

But the perils of climate change are threatening this treasure. Temperatures are rising rapidly at higher altitudes – several times higher than the global average. Glaciers are melting – changing landscapes and creating dangerous glacial lakes held back only by natural dams of rubble and ice. The ensuing changes threaten unique ecosystems and the lives of millions of people living in the mountains and downstream who eke out their livelihoods from diverse mountain resources. The menace of climate change on the Himalayas will manifest far and wide in the form of drought, flood and sea level rise. As the seas rise, there is no refuge from climate change even at the highest altitudes.

We, the undersigned, confirm the vital importance of the Himalayas and recognize the risks posed by climate change; we call upon the world community:

• To focus attention to the challenges of climate change in the Himalayas and downstream.
• To value their unique contribution to human adventure, global ecology, and regional river systems;
• To safeguard Himalayan ecosystems which provide essential services to millions of people living in the mountains and on the plains.
• To enable mountain peoples to meet the unfolding challenges of climate change.
• To save the Himalayas for the current generation and for generations to come.

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