Sunday, December 6, 2009

Solidarity with Struggling Greece

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Zondag 6 december, 15:00
Marie Heinekenplein (de Pijp), Amsterdam
December the 6th 2008. In Athens, Alexis Grigoropoulos, 15 years old, is shot by the police in cold blood. One hour later Greece is burning. Workers, students and youth get out on the streets to express their anger. Not just because of this senseless murder, but also anger against a system that systematically exploits and oppresses them and that uses violence against them to ensure it's superiority.

Also in the Netherlands state and capital start showing their true face more and more. Already mass deportations of those that the Dutch state considers unwanted take place. Already fingerprints of civilians are systematically taken and stored in a central database. And everything that is supposed to make capitalism somewhat bearable, like the minimum wage, state scholarships and state pensions are being cut back.

In times of economical welfare we workers, students and youth are being bribed with a social system that does nothing more than remove the sharp edges of capitalism. In times of economical crisis even that little bit is taken away from us. During these times, the state shows its true face: as the servant of international capitalism and as a tool to keep the working class oppressed so that oppression and exploitation can keep taking place!

We do all the work. We carry the work load of society. But it's the capitalists, the rulers and owners of the earth, who profit most. Those who speak out and resist against this system are being silenced more and more. After the Alexis was murdered the working class in Greece realized that there can never be peace with this system. Must it come to a murder in the Netherlands before we realize what our interests are? NO!

Solidarity with the struggle in Greece means solidarity with the struggle for self rule of the international working class. No masters, no slaves but a free world where everyone freely shares in all the riches of our society! Join us to show your solidarity with this struggle on Sunday, December the 6th!

For the international struggle against capitalism! For international solidarity with all workers, no matter what their nationality, gender or sexual preference might be! For a free society worldwide!


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