Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Agricultural Day of Action 2

The Resistance is Ripe Agriculture protest started today at 12pm and has marched through the centre of town under a banner reading "Food Climate Justice, not Climate Change" . Hundreds of people stopped outside the Netto supermarket for speeches about the importance of food sovereignty and the links between climate change, agriculture and exploitation of people.Feel free to embed,link it,send it,screen it etc. Use it=
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Spirit Of Squatters Colective/ Climate Justice News
We will give a short report of everything that we will see and experience here. Everyday you can check our pages, and use them. Pass the relation further. Reclaim the media with us. Change the climate for better (and not for business). With our activity we are supporting www.climate-justice-action , www.climatejusticenow.org , www.indymedia.org and other honest people who are really concerned about our planet. We would stand against any hypocrisy,fake solutions (like gmo, agro fuels, nuclear power, carbon trade or big part of official COP 15 etc.), corporations, "green" capitalism etc.Here is the second part... So get inspired. Spirit Of Squatters.

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