Thursday, June 12, 2014

Activist Defense Tactics Against Police Pepper Spray Attacks

Rexton NB, Oct 17/13 RCMP pepper sprayed unarmed Men, Women and Youth at a Anti Fracking Blockade

Rexton NB, Oct 17/13 RCMP pepper sprayed unarmed protesters at a Anti Fracking Blockade

Defense Against Pepper Spray Attacks

Pepper spray is labeled a 'non-lethal' chemical agent used for crowd riot control, individual self-defense, and sometimes in case of animal attacks. The chemical that makes it so potent is called capsaicin, which is derived from hot peppers.

ALWAYS have swim goggles around your neck, and wet bandannas in a Ziploc (to put on, bandit-style) in your pocket if you think you may find yourself anywhere near police that appear aggressive. Wear long sleeves and cover as much skin as possible. Cops WILL always aim for your face, so be prepared. The larger hand-held canisters of pepper spray can reach several feet with full intensity; be aware of this.




IMPORTANT: water will not help, or flush the pepper oils off you, in fact it will increase the painful sensation and spread it.

IMPORTANT: Maalox/antacid-water blends are for teargases, not pepper spray. Teargas is acidic, which is why Maalox/water dilution counteracts it (antacid).

Your best bet is No More Tears baby shampoo to rinse eyes with, it will cut the oils and dissolve them off. You can also coat your skin with it BEFORE an incident if you know it's coming.

Do not rub skin or eyes that has pepper spray on it, you will increase the contact to your skin/eyes and make it worse.

If you see an attack coming, duck and roll away if possible. If it is being dispersed in a wide area, go upwind of the mist asap.

Be alert; the canisters that do the most harm are easy to spot, they will be bright red/orange and about the size of a large can of hairspray. Smaller hand-sized ones are also possible, but their stream and damage is not as dangerous as the larger cans, which throw a very intense and large stream out.

In addition, despite the 'non-lethal' label for pepper spray, it can have very dangerous consequences if ingested, or sprayed directly in the mouth/nasal membranes. Seek medical attention immediately!




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