Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23: transnational migrants' and anti-racist initiatives

March 23: transnational migrants' and anti-racist initiatives

The migrants, refugees and workers from different European countries
will be on the streets on march 23rd for a transnational day against the
European migration regimes and precarity. In this time of crisis,
policies against migrants are fostering racism and violence. Many
problems we experience in our life and everyday exploitation are
connected to the European policies against us.

For this reason, we reciprocally support the demonstrations planned in Bologna, Berlin and
Amsterdam, and we claim together:
The end of European racism and aparthaid against migrants;
The right to stay for all, independent from jobs and wages;
The right to asylum with real policies to help and support refugees;
The closure of all detention centers inside and outisde EU borders and
the end of Frontex operations.

We don't need austerity, we don't need policies that divide us, we want

We exhort everybo

dy to join us.

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