Tuesday, March 19, 2013

(A'dam) 23 mrt: Demonstratie ‘Geen vluchteling op straat of in de cel’

You can join and invite Your friends through facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/101364843382675/

Tijd voor protest!

Demonstratie 'Geen vluchteling op straat of in de cel'
23 maart – vertrek 13:00 Vluchtkerk Amsterdam – Erik de Roodestraat 16


On the 23rd of March refugees and supporting organisations are organising a demonstration departing from the Vluchtkerk and ending at the Museumplein. With this demonstration we want to show support for the refugees' struggle for a normal life. Share this call to action, mobilize for the demonstration and join the protest march!

Every year the asylum requests of thousands of refugees are denied. According to the Dutch state these people are supposed to return to their country of origin. However, in many cases this is impossible: their country of origin does not provide them with the correct documents, refuses them entrance, or they have to return to countries which are unsafe according to independent organisations such as Amnesty International.

The refugees are declared 'illegal' and made into homeless people without rights, with no access to healthcare, education, work and protection. Every day they face imprisonment and deportation. They are not treated as human beings.

Inhumane Dutch policies

The conditions in which refugees are being detained in the Netherlands are worse than those faced by criminals. Refugees can be incarcerated for up to 18 months without having committed a crime. The new government wants to criminalize illegality. But refugees are no criminals and should not be treated as such!


During the last decades many Dutch organisations have resisted Dutch immigration policy. Since 2011 several refugees groups have made their struggle publicly visible by establishing protest camps. However, no progress has been made in improving the Dutch immigration
policy. It's time for change! The refugees demand a solution. Together we can achieve this. Join the de demonstration and bring your tent for a one-day tent camp. No refugees on the streets or in jail!

13:00 vertrek vanaf Vluchtkerk (Erik de Roodestraat 16, Amsterdam West) naar Museumplein

14:30 Start programma Museumplein: sprekers, actie, en een tentenkamp voor één dag.


De demonstratie in Amsterdam op 23 maart is een breed maatschappelijk initiatief, met steun vanuit politieke organisaties, religieuze organisaties, gemeenschappen, vluchtelingen en vele individuen. De volgende organisaties steunen 'Geen vluchtelingen op straat of in de cel':

African Roots Movement
African Sky
Alliantie voor rechtvaardig Amsterdam
Amsterdam Solidariteits Komittee Vluchtelingen
Antifascistische Actie Den Haag
Antifascistische Actie Nederland
Catholic Worker
Comité Ander Europa
Critical Collective
De Vrije Bond
Internationale Socialisten
Komitee Marokkaanse arbeiders Amsterdam
Kritische Studenten Utrecht
Landelijke Beraad Marrokanen
Marokkaanse Vrouwen Vereniging Nederland
Migrant 2 Migrant
Nederland Bekent Kleur
Noodopvang Parkstad
Platform stop racisme en uitsluiting
Protestantse Diaconie Amsterdam
Raad van Marrokaanse Moskeeën
Recht op Bestaan
SHUV Emmen
Social Development Cooperation
Socialistische Partij Amsterdam
Somalische Asielzoekers in AZC's
Steuncomité Sociale Strijd
VESTA Den Bosch
Vlot Zuid Limburg
Vluchtelingen op Straat
Vrijwille Internationale Actie
Vrouwen Tegen Uitzetting
Vrouwen voor Vrede Amsterdam

Wil jij hier ook tussen met je organisatie? Ondersteunen jullie de leus 'Geen vluchteling op straat of in de cel?' Stuur ons een email.

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