Friday, February 8, 2013

Infodag/vreedzaam protest tegen "Research" whaling in de Antarctische oceaan op de Dam in Amsterdam.

This saturday from 10.30 till 15.00
Goal and why?

On the 9th of februari in Tokyo there wil be a big protest against the whalehunt. Because we can not let this go past us unnoticed we also will be organising a demonstration in order to let the japanese activist know that we support them al the way. This peacefull protest will be held in Amsterdam on "de dam". Join us and make your voice heard. The voice of the voiceless! Never be silent, never give up.

Next to image material, music and flyers we will be bringing a lot of empty petitions. At the end of the day al these empty petitions will be signed. (hopefully) These petitions wil be send to the japanese ambasade.

Please join us and bring a friend. The more the better.

Let's do it!
You can join and invite your friends at the FB event here:

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