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Bessemerstraat 23 new squat [A'dam]

Hier kun je discussieren over Bessemerstraat 23 new squat [A'dam].

On Sunday the 27th of January 2013, Bessemerstraat 23 (Amsterdam oost) has been squatted.

The owner of this Garage is the company RVG WONINGONTWIKKELING B.V. run by Theo Jansen, Herman Veenendaal and Mehmet Faruk Kinran.
The previous owner of the building was the company De Hibsekrib B.V., which bought it on the 14th November 2007 and fastly sold it on the 31st October 2008, immediately before the crisis started, for 325.000 Euro to the actual company.
On the 15th of December 2008 a private signed a renting contract with the company valid until the 31st December 2010.
No official renter has been using this space since 2010 and the garage has been unused until today.
On the 3rd of September 2010 the RVG WONINGONTWIKKELING B.V. got the environment permits and in April 2012 the destruction permit.
Still Nothing has happened.
RVG voluntarily put the Bessemerstraat 23 on auction on 21 May 2012. Someone private offered an amount of money but RVG did not want to sell for such a price. The property was not sold.
They want to build a four apartments house: [link on]

Now let's talk about this company...

RVG (Rozendaalse Vastgoed Groep) Theo Jansen, Herman Veenendaal, John Peter van Leeuwen and Mehmet Faruk Kinran were all board members from RVG Holding B.V. in 2006) are already well known figures from the dutch real eastate world, for several episodes:

- The RVG mother company is Stichting Beheer Aandelen Th. Jansen Holding, which controls 54 companies. Most of them are registered on these two addresses, Ratio 16, in Duiven (property from S.W. Properties I B.V. # 0908223) and Utrechtseweg 181, in Oosterbeek (property from Villa Eureka B.V. #09144383).

- In 2006 they bought the Bakker-panden.

- 2006 was also the year Europepan Wireless Lottery Holding (EWLH, directed by T. Jansen) made the news .
EWLH from Theo Jansen used to be registered at the Beekhuizenseweg 1.

- In 2006, Theo Jansen had quite some companies registered at the Beekhuizenseweg 1 in Rozendaal, which is still property of the Restaurant 'The Hunting Lodge B.V.' (#09055924), also owned by RVG.

- In 2007 a quite big scandal sees the RGV involved with the police:
The Gelderland-Midden police get accused of nepotism for facilitating some building entrepreneurs, in particular about several locals that have been sold to the company RVG [ ].
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[ ].

- In 2008, RVG invested 83.000.000 euro in real estate in Amsterdam [ ].

Looks like T. Jansen and his companies are making a big mess all around Holland, that's why we want to make public this research .
We think that more initiative should be taken against those speculators, they get wealthier taking advantage of the people.
For all of those reasons we took this empty space, we want to give it life again and make all it use-full, organizing social activities open to people wants to join us.
Questions, suggestions, ideas, help and visits are welcome.

You can find us on Bessemerstraat 23 or on

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