Thursday, January 31, 2013

Infoavond Bollox: European Police Congress Berlin

Waar: Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam, Netherlands (GPS lat: 52.353919 lon: 4.854284)

Cross-border repression: Prepare for resistance!

International police work has begun to treat cross-border social movements a long time ago: in joint police trainings different techniques are presented and later used against summit-protests. At major protests like those against nuclear waist, foreign police forces watch and assist and more and more international undercover agents are disclosed. International coordinated crackdowns against cyber activists happen under the label „Hacktivism". Social Networks or Microblogs are therefore used increasingly as investigative and tracing tools. At EU-level the police agency EUROPOL agitates against so called „Euro-Anarchists", protesters have their „own" data bases in different police servers. Cross-border investigations like in the case of Tarnac9 and thus upcoming house searches will be easier organized due to new binding EU-law.

Based on some examples the presentation will give an outlook on cross-border repression. But we also want to give some space for discussion about the development of governing in times of distinct supranational structures. Because Repression always needs an Answer we try to figure out the consequences for our struggle.

We invite everyone to come to our presentation at infokafe Bollox in Amsterdam to discuss these topics and the upcoming actions against the European Police Congress.

Start infonight: 20:00

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