Monday, January 7, 2013

Lucid Love Tantra Interview in de Roos at the open day

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Tantra is rhythmic and organic in nature. The tantric way begins, ends and begins once again with our relationship to ourselves. Self-love and awareness are the essence of the practices we teach.

We began our journey with tantra as a couple within two months of meeting each other. Awakening through the intimacy of relationship has thus been the heart of our journey – a constant, compelling and challenging pathway. This journey of the heart, of relationship forms the core of our offering.

Along with solo meditation practices, tantric sexual meditations formed the rich core of our learning. We draw from this embodied experience to offer practices, which expand our ability to relate.

Intimate sexual practices are key amongst the range of methods we offer to couples.  These are completed in the privacy of their own space. Sex is a powerful gateway, which has the potential to bring profound healing and transformation when united with love through meditation.
We also offer practices that nourish and bring transformation to sex for individuals , both, men and women. These do not require sexual partner practice.


A powerful, ongoing process of self acceptance
Transformation of habitual patterns. Reactions become responses.
Restoration of relationship with self, which naturally enhances our ability to relate with others.
Reconnection between love and sex, heart and genitals.
An integrated spiritual life where the domain of practice is the whole of day-to-day reality.
Enhancement of men's sense of self and the development of their true potential.
A vibrant vision of the nature of woman, awakening a relationship with the divine feminine.
The inner alchemical marriage – the union of masculine and feminine within us.
Couples can experience rising in love, as romantic sexual love becomes the ultimate spiritual practice ground.
A sense of coming home as our ego identity loosens and we rest increasingly in the heart of life.

HOW DO WE BEGIN?To prepare the soil of our being for this rich harvest, we need to open to ourselves as we are in each moment of life. This sounds simple and yet it takes enormous patience, reservoirs of kindness and the courage to see ourselves with clarity.

The blossoming of these three great forces in our lives comes quite spontaneously as we flow with regular Tantric practice and experience the rising in love with ourselves that Tantra supports.

Tantra helps us discover personal jewels that are in fact our birthright.


To serve the love revolution that is Tantra.
To create teaching environments that support and evoke the inner teacher of each person to awaken.


Roxana Hewett works as a healer and teacher of tantra. She brings a fresh approach to the classic meditative path of tantra. A key focus of her work is to teach micro-practises which invite an integration of  everyday moment to moment living with meditation.

Her teaching is enriched by a profound dedication to healing, she is a graduate of two world-renowned healing programs - the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Jason Shulman's profound program of Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing. With a rich background as a Rudolf Steiner school teacher she offers the wisdom of these varied streams.


Vincent Hewett has studied tantra with Mahasatvaa Sarita since 2004. During this time he balanced his work in the corporate world with newfound insights from tantric practice. It is this bridging between modern living and a conscious path of awakening that informs his pragmatic approach to the tradition of Tantra.

In 2010 Vincent with his wife Roxana developed a new body of trainings.  This work offers a modern approach for all to benefit from the wisdom of tantra and for couples to embody conscious relationship. Vincent is completing Jason Shulman's Non-dual healing program and is a member of the Mankind project's New Warrior Training.

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