Sunday, November 10, 2013

[rebelnews] Next week: Dancing on the Edge Festival with seminar Arab Theater Today

Dear friends of the Amsterdam Rebel Clowns,
Last season we went several times to Egypt to give performances, presentations, rebel clown trainings, accompany rebel clown interventions and support Egyptian clown groups.
The main performances of 4th edition of the Dancing on the Edge Festival, with dance, theater, and multimedia installations from the Middle East and North Africa begin this coming week in the Netherlands.
Exceptional and relevant works of artists from countries including Palestine, Tunesia, Morocco, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, and Iraq are be featured. Festival cities are Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, with an extra performances in Groningen. A highlight of the Arts and Minds context program will be a seminar called  Arab Theater Today , but there are also many other activities and events.
The seminar Arab Theater Today will be next Thursday and Friday.
Thursday, Nov. 14th: Cultural Practices in Times of Revolt: Questions of Engagement and Representation.
Friday, Nov. 15th: Working Outside the Box: Theater as an Agent of Change.
That Friday there will be also an introduction by one of the Amsterdam rebel clowns.
Address: Comedy Theater, nes 110, Amsterdam. Tickets 12,50 / students 10,- Combi-ticket 20,- / students 15,-
The opening performance of BADKE in Amsterdam on the 14th is sold out but there are still tickets for all the other festival shows on that day and others.
For the program see their website or digital program book and stay in touch with the Dancing on the Edge Festival by signing up for their newsletter  or visiting their facebook page or website
We'll keep in touch about other future rebel clown activities (new trainings, open actions, info nights, etc).
The Amsterdam Rebel Clowns

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