Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Factory Farms: Taxpayers Pay. Politicians Take. Agribusiness Profits.

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Organic Consumers Association

Posted By: Organic Consumers Association (campaign leader)

The agribusiness giants would have us believe that our inherently unsustainable and morally reprehensible factory farming system is the only way to feed the world's burgeoning population. But the facts prove otherwise. Factory farming is all about maximizing profits for a handful of the world's largest corporations.

Agribusiness spent $751 million over the past 5 years on lobbying congress and another $480.5 million  in direct campaign contributions over the past two decades. Since 1995, taxpayers have provided $292.5 billion in direct agricultural subsidies, another $96 billion in crop insurance subsidies, and over $100 billion in subsidies to promote the growth of genetically engineered corn and soy.  

How did we end up with this cruel, unsustainable, unhealthy, environmentally destructive factory farm model? The numbers say it all.

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World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the NGO from hell, supports Monsanto's death business. Please watch this well-researched documentary: